We picked up the lovely glass bottles in Crate and Barrel – they have lots of different sizes so youโ€™re not bound by the text size Iโ€™m providing here. After sizing and cutting your text into your vinyl, pick out the pieces you don’t need using your weeder or scraping tool. Peel away the sticky side of your transfer sheet and carefully place it onto you text design. Rub it well to make sure itโ€™s firmly stuck then lift up the transfer sheet – your vinyl word will now be on the transfer paper in mirror form.

Carefully line up your design on the bottle, we lay our bottle down flat for this part and used the grid on the transfer sheet for accuracy. Rub the transfer on, making sure you pay attention to all the edges – your thumbs and fingers are the best tool to use here! Peel off the transfer paper and you have yourself the first in a set of personalized kitchen bottles and grinders.

Follow the same process to make yourself a classic Menu board. The removable chalkboard sheet was a great little find from Cricut and it can be peeled off and moved number of times making it perfect for kitchen cabinets or walls without making a mess. Apply your vinyl text before sticking the chalkboard on the wall so you can apply more weight to rubbing the image on.   Good luck! ~Lia




Vinyl and Transfer Tape