Bridal Shower Table DecorationsHere Comes the Brunch!

Calling all maids of honor! If you have a tropical princess on your hands, what better way to surprise her than with tropical bridal shower table decorations? Adorned with hibiscus flowers and leaves, the table set is complete with tiki-vibe place cards. Make it a bridal shower to remember by going DIY!

The best thing about doing these bridal shower table decorations yourself is it’s super easy! All you do is gather the tools and materials, then download the PDF or SVG cutouts for the hibiscus and leaves. For the place cards, simply print on white cardstock paper. Then simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your leaves and flowers!

The typeface we used for the place cards is the Wild Ones font, which is free to download. The leaves and hibiscus can also be found in our Tropical Leaf Garland and Tropical Head Wreath articles from earlier. Check out those articles if you want to see the photo tutorials and downloadable instructions.

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For the tropical leaves:

For the hibiscus flowers:

  • Paper-Papers Text Weight Paper


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  2. For the leaves:
    1. Gather tools and materials.
    2. Score and cut out tropical leaves from various green paper (cutting machine recommended).
    3. Fold the monstera leaves down the middle along the score line and curl the edges of the leaves under slightly from the middle.
    4. Fold the anthurium leaves down the middle along the score line and curl the edges of the leaves under. Then, fold the remaining score lines.
    5. Start to layer and glue leaves onto the cording, leaving extra on the ends for hanging. We glued the monstera leaves onto the cording first with the palm fronds behind, then some of the anthurium leaves on top.
    6. Continue gluing on more leaves until the garland reaches the desired length.
  3. For the hibiscus flowers:
    1. Cut paper according to the template. Use the PDF if you are cutting by hand or the SVG if you are using a cutting machine.
    2. Glue tab to attach petals together to make flowers.
    3. Curl the petals outward using the edge of a Cricut scraper tool or the edge of scissors.
    4. Curl the stamen pieces using a skewer or chopstick. Roll and glue together.
    5. Glue the stamen in the center of the flowers. Curl the stamen outward slightly.
    6. Fold the leaves in half and curl outward.
  4. For the place cards, customize your text and print on white card stock paper. Cut out and fold the cards.
  5. Spread the leaves and hibiscus out on the table in the middle. Place the cards at each seat, with the bride at the front of the table!

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