One of the great things about Craft Camp, is its focus on using materials you already have at home. Second— it’s free! In the true spirit of the season, we encourage you to get resourceful! For this project, gather some empty cardboard tubes – perhaps from paper towels or toilet paper – and transform them into charming holiday trees. For a full list of all the materials we used to make these adorable cardboard tube holiday trees, simply look to the right.

The Christmas tree is undeniably one of the most iconic images of the holiday. It is an enduring symbol of the season, with its origins tracing back to ancient celebrations of the winter solstice. We can’t think of a better subject for this month’s nature-inspired collection.

With a little help from our step-by-step video and a dash of Christmas magic, you can easily turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Use whatever colors you have on hand, but remember to keep your palette limited for consistency. Once complete, you have a fun, one-of-kind forest of trees for a unique holiday display. 

The holiday season is a time of joyful togetherness. And crafting can be a wonderful way to bond with your loved ones. Through our Craft Camps, we’re on a mission to inspire the next generation of crafters, and this fun, festive holiday craft is a perfect way to get started. Merry Crafting!