Tool Recommendations for Christmas Kid’s Crafts: 

Before we go over our Christmas kid’s crafts we’ll start with tool recommendations – the main goal is to be safe when making these projects. We suggest investing in some blunt tip scissors. We always use low temperature hot glue guns, but of course there is still a risk of burning yourself. Parents usually have a good idea of when their kids can start handling a hot glue gun, but generally we would say around age 10. If you’re starting to teach them how to use the stove, they can probably also start learning how to use a hot glue gun. Otherwise, we love glue dot rollers for a safe and easy option, UHU glue sticks, and double stick tape or glue sticks are always handy. 

DIY Kid’s Christmas Ornaments:

Making ornaments with your kids is a wonderful way for them feel included in the holiday decorating fun. There are plenty of materials that you can use to create adorable, easy kid’s ornaments, so start by choosing which material you’d like to work with. For a metallic pop of color, you can use a paint brush to apply foil to regular store-bought Christmas balls. Foiled ornaments are a great option because there is no cutting involved, you simply need metallic foil and Mod Podge glue. To make your own Christmas balls, you can follow our 20-sided kid’s ornament tutorial with cute patterned paper.

Another Christmas kid’s craft with limited materials and no cutting required are Scandinavian-inspired wood star ornaments. You may need to help younger ones with the glue gun here! If you have some white yarn laying around, yarn pom pom snowmen are irresistibly adorable for kids. The snowmen are great ornaments to make because kids have a chance to get creative with the accessories. And you can find all the materials you need with a quick stop at your local craft store. For something a little more advanced, older kids can test their skills with these felt santa ornaments. DIY ornaments are also a classic gift item for the holidays, so these projects make for nice presents for grandparents and extended family. 

Gift Wrap Kid’s Crafts: 

Because there is such a focus on gift-giving during the holidays, we wanted to think of Christmas kid’s crafts that could contribute to gift giving and wrapping. Kids can easily make precious homemade greeting cards to put a smile on loved ones’ faces. Grab some pencils and a couple of ink pads to create cute holiday eraser stamp cards. You can also use the same technique to make customized kid’s wrapping paper. To add a youthful spin to gift tags, kids can make button tags with lovely winter designs. We know it can be tough for kids to stay patient and wait until Christmas to open the presents under the tree, so feel free to use these projects to hold them over until December 25th! If you have wrapped packages, kids can decorate them as woodland animals with our animal gift wrap templates. These kid’s gift wrap projects are all super simple, but have adorable results! 

Kids craft gift tags

Edible Christmas Kid’s Crafts:

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only opportunity for kids to hand out goodies to their classmates. Christmas is full of sweets and treats, and there are plenty of crafts to make if kids want to spread some cheer at school. Pick up some wrapped candies, or bake some fudge and then spend the afternoon making holiday candy huggers. Your kids can easily write a little holiday greeting on the back as well! Treat boxes are great for gifting a variety of goodies, and a cozy cabin or gingerbread house design is perfect for winter and Christmastime. 

Lollipops are convenient candy gifts for kids because they are hand-held and not very messy. One of our favorite Christmas kid’s crafts is tissue paper angels, where you can turn a lollipop into a cute little Christmas angel. Growing up, I always remember baking delicious things with my mom around Christmastime. If you want want to gift a yummy baked good, you and your kids can make holiday cookie mix jars. Use holiday wax paper to create adorable snowman and penguin characters to dress up your jars. All of these treat projects are also great stocking stuffers if you need any inspiration! 

Woodland Kid’s Crafts:

Head down to your local craft store to pick up some pinecones, foam balls and corks. All of these are perfect materials for making winter woodland animal crafts! We love pairing these raw materials with felt for a cozy, kid-friendly mix. One of our newest kid’s crafts is our felt and pinecone raccoons. Our favorite pinecone and felt craft has to be these charming little pinecone elves, they are seriously heart-melting for both kids and adults! All of our felt and pinecone projects only require felt, pinecones and hot glue, so they are conveniently easy to clean up when you are done crafting. 

Kids Craft

Kids craft ideasFor a bit less gluing and cutting, a foam hedgehog is the way to go. You will need toothpicks to stick into the foam body, so be sure to get the blunt edged toothpicks for safer crafting. Some Christmas kid’s crafts do not necessarily have to be related to the holiday, and we love that animal projects can fun at any time of year. Owls are some of our go-to woodland creatures for crafting, and these simple cork owls are a wonderful project for kids who feel confident with trimming little pieces of felt and (briefly) handling sewing pins. 

Wine cork crafts

More Christmas Kid’s Crafts:

Letters to SantaOne Christmas kid’s craft that will never go out of style is writing a letter to Santa. We’re feeling nostalgic just thinking about it! We have two printable templates on the site to make the experience even more exciting for your kids. They can even write a matching thank you note to Santa and all your family members after Christmas is over. Yarn art is a perfect kid’s craft for any occasion, but there are especially a lot of opportunities for the technique around Christmastime. Kids can explore their creativity a bit with Christmas yarn art by creating unique line designs in their own color palettes. And all you need is yarn!

If you are wanting to introduce your kids to using a hot glue gun, one of the best ways is to start with felt balls. Hot glue adheres to felt really well, plus felt is a nice thick material so kids are less likely to feel the heat of the glue through the felt ball. A great holiday craft for kids and parents alike is making a felt ball wreath. Again, you are able to explore with color when making this project! 

Easy Projects to Make For Your Kids:

Christmas can be a really special time for little ones, and there are some super quick projects that you can throw together to create that extra bit of magic for them. Start by hanging up some adorable winter window clings for them to enjoy leading up to December 25th. To keep the magic of Santa alive, you can customize and print a letter from Santa, encouraging your kids to write up their wish lists and stay nice in time Christmas! To back up Santa’s word, pair the letter with a naughty or nice certificate. We’ll let you choose which one applies to your kids! 

When the big day arrives, there are a couple of things you can do to go the extra mile. The tale always goes that you should leave cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve, and some carrots for the reindeer to keep their strength through the long journey. Set out these holiday goodies with plates displaying gold vinyl labels for a touch of fun. Not all houses have chimneys, and we do not want kids to feel discouraged that Santa might miss them! To give Santa special entrance to your house, you can lay out a “magic key” that only Santa can use to deliver his presents. Our last festive twist to “delivering” these Christmas presents is a printable gift tag from the North Pole

Cookies for Santa PlateAbove anything, we want to make sure that you are enjoying the holidays! We know that they can be stressful, but they are meant for love, light and making beautiful memories.  Head to our membership page to start crafting with us, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses of crafty inspiration. Cheers! ~ Lia and Team xoxoWinter Window Clings