DIY cork owl craft

We made this cork owl craft using a regular bottle cork and a few small pieces of felt in cream, orange, and a selection of browns. You can explore all of the felt in our online shop to find the colors you need. Or you can also use up old scraps of felt or fabric for this project if you want!

Once you’ve cut the felt pieces using our pattern, simply glue them onto your cork with a low-temperature glue gun or craft glue. Then add little black-tipped push pins for the eyes.

Make a ‘parliament’ of owls for your mantel, or make just one cheeky owl to sit on your desk! Looking for more fun kids’ craft ideas? Take a look at our other projects designed specifically for the kiddos here. And if you don’t want to miss any of the DIY projects that we share, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to discover what we are sharing next. Enjoy! ~ Lia

cork owls