A few months back, we had a member request that we make a crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus. Since we only had made this type of eucalyptus out of vellum paper, we were happy to design a new version. Plus it felt like a good fit for our celestial theme with its silvery-white sheen underneath the leaves.

You can make this project on your own using our printable template or SVG file at the end of the post. All of the tools and materials you will need are listed below along with our video tutorial to help guide you.

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Although this crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus branch is a bit time-consuming to make, it’s an easy craft project. For reference, it took Meagan about 1.5 hours to make one branch. But it’s worth it! These eucalyptus branches are so gorgeous and in less than 5 hours you can have a bundle of branches that will look great in a vase or as a filler in your DIY bouquets

To get that perfect dusty green color for our crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus, Meagan used the Design Master Colortool spray in herbal on 10×12 pieces of crepe paper before cutting the leaf shapes on the Maker. If you cannot find the Design Master spray in herbal, you could also use PanPastel colors in “Chromium Oxide Green Tint” (660.8) on the leaves after they have been cut and assembled. Just apply the PanPasel using an art sponge or soft paintbrush.

Ready to get started on your crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus branches? Gather the tools and materials below, cut your leaves, and follow along with our video tutorial!

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handmade crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus
crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus
DIY crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus
crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus
crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus branches

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