We are loving all of the cute crafts that we have been making with these felt balls and have noticed you are too! So of course we wanted to add another little cutie to this library of felt ball crafts by making a Felt Ball Fox Keychain.

What does the fox say?

Looking for a super cute and fun craft project to jazz up your style? We’ve got just the thing for you! In this video, we’re going to show you how to make your very own felt ball fox keychain. Yep, you heard that right – it’s an adorable fox friend you can take with you everywhere!

Now, here’s the cool part: we’ve got two awesome ways to do this. You can either cut, and glue felt pieces onto the felt ball to make your foxy pal, or you can get a little fancy and use roving wool to create a needle-felted fox head. Just watch the video and follow along!

Once you’ve crafted your fox, you’ll also learn how to attach a keychain so you can hang it wherever you want. And guess what? There are so many ways you can show off your adorable creation! Trust us, this felt ball fox keychain is gonna be your new favorite accessory.

So, grab your crafting gear, hit play on that video, and let’s get started on this awesome adventure! Get ready to make the cutest, fluffiest, and most fabulous fox keychain ever! Let’s go! 🦊💫

Different Ways to Use this Cute Fox Keychain

  1. Personalized Backpack Accessory: Attach the fox keychain to your school backpack for a unique and adorable touch.
  2. Fun Zipper Pull: Spice up jackets or pencil cases with the felt ball fox keychain for a cute and playful zipper pull.
  3. Bedroom Decor: Hang the fox keychain on a hook or pushpin in your bedroom for a touch of cuteness.
  4. Friendship Gifts: Create keychains as gifts for friends during playdates or birthday parties, fostering creativity and friendship.


Needle Felted Version


Needle Felted Version