Hydrangeas are such a beautiful flower! Although each flower has small, delicate petals, together they form a large, lush flower head that is so gorgeous. I’ve done a few different hydrangea arrangements over the years, but today I created these bunches and arranged them in vases.  
I will say that crafting paper hydrangeas can seem daunting at first because of all the little flowers you have to cut. But it’s worth it! Before I got a cutting machine, I used to cut my hydrangea patterns by hand.
Of course, making this flower will go much faster and feel much simpler if you do have a cutting machine. Either way, I’ve included both the PDF template and SVG file below for my frosted paper hydrangeas. Another option is to use my hydrangea punch.
When you’re ready to make these frosted paper hydrangeas, gather the tools and materials listed here. I wanted to create a light and airy hydrangea bouquet, so I went with lighter colors for my arrangement. But you can always use darker or bolder blues, pinks, and greens. You could also use red paper to give these flowers a holiday feel.

Once you have your craft tools and materials, just download the pattern (or use the hydrangea punch), and watch my video tutorial above. If you have any questions while crafting, feel free to reach out! I’m always happy to answer your questions and share my tips with you. Enjoy! ~Lia and team

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Watch my video tutorial to learn how to craft your own frosted paper hydrangeas.

frosted paper hydrangeas in gold vase and loose on table frosted paper hydrangeas on top of grey sheet next to gold scissors and cream ribbon  frosted paper hydrangeas in white planter next to paper air plant and green ribbon frosted paper hydrangeas in white vase next to paper air plant and green ribbon frosted paper hydrangeas in gold geometric vase on tableLove Crafting Flowers?

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