When you think of a standard poinsettia, this is what you imagine, right? Vibrant red petals, lush green leaves, and bright yellow centers. The one main difference is that our crepe paper version will last longer than just a few weeks!

Real poinsettias are also toxic to dogs and cats, so this crepe paper poinsettia plant is a safer alternative to keep in your home. If you are new here, I have a dog (you can see him in the background of all these pictures). So while I do have some real plants in my home, there are certain ones I always make out of paper or felt. 

To craft your own crepe paper poinsettia plant for the holiday season, just gather the tools and materials listed below. If you are using our heavy crepe paper, 1 roll (9.8″ x 39.3″) will yield enough petals for 2 poinsettia blooms, and 1 roll will yield 12 sets of leaves (you can use 6-12 sets per poinsettia stem, depending how full you want it to look).  Then download the SVG file if you have a cutting machine or the PDF template if you’re using scissors. 


To make this crepe paper poinsettia plant, follow the instructions for our pink crepe paper poinsettia, but leave out the PanPastels. We didn’t paint the tip of the flower centers in this version, either. If you have any questions while crafting, just comment below. We’re always happy to help!

Red crepe paper poinsettia plant on tray next to candles and in front of fireplace with dog in background Crepe paper poinsettia plant in front of dog in chair Want More Holiday Crafts?

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