My collection of washi tape is getting quite large these days! So I am always on the lookout for fun craft projects that I can share with you here. As pretty as washi tape can be, there is the issue of it not sticking so well to things for the long haul. I found the perfect solution for this washi tape heart box, though—Mod Podge!

I picked up these cute heart boxes at my local Collage craft store. But you can also find them here on Amazon. This one is a perfect fit for 3 little truffles. So if you want to fit more truffles in your washi tape heart box, make sure to choose a larger size.

DIY Washi Tape Heart Box
A Sweet Surprise

I had a little walk down memory lane shooting this post today. About 5 years ago I worked as the creative for a local chocolate company where I designed the packaging, catalogs, website. . . everything but the chocolate. I remember hunting for a photographer to shoot natural light, (I had only styled photography and had yet to even pick up a camera) but I couldn’t find a local photographer who worked that way. I did find a great photographer and we shot some gorgeous chocolate photos. My signature styling trick was to have a bite out of one or more pieces in the photo. I liked the photos to look real rather than too staged. Now, I am that natural light photographer and today it was all about chocolate. Of course I had to take a bite out of one chocolate for the photos!

When you’re ready to craft this washi tape heart box, just follow my step-by-step tutorial. Then top it with a pretty ribbon that is tied into a perfect bow. The only thing left to decide is…who will you give it to? Enjoy! ~Lia

Washi Tape Valentine Box
Heart Box Washi Tape
Valentine Box Decorated With Washi Tape
Washi Tape Heart Box photo tutorial by Lia Griffith