Wedding PlacecardsBefore I created this website three years ago, I did a lot of design work in the wedding industry. After adding wedding paper good designer extraordinaire Lindsay to the team last year, we became an unstoppable duo! She came up with this Watercolor Teal Wedding Set and I was thrilled! First we posted the save the date magnets, and then the invitation suite. Next we have these easy teal wedding placecards! 

Our Watercolor Teal Wedding Set is fabulous because it works well for weddings planned for any season. There are two options of download for these wedding placecards, just as there were with the invitations. The first option is a dark teal with white text and the second option is a transparent teal with black text. Choose which one you like best, or alternate them on your tables! Download the PDFs below and save them onto your computer. To edit the information, you will first need to download the free font Majesti. Once you have edited your placecards, print them onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock. There are four placecards included on each sheet. Cut them out, fold them in half, and you are done! Now onto the million other things that go into planning a wedding…  

Can you believe that you can download your entire wedding paper good suite and themed DIY decorations here for just $5 per month? Take a look at our membership page to download all the goodies you need to plan your wedding on a budget. Stay tuned for the next piece of our Watercolor Teal Wedding Set to go with these wedding placecards: table numbers! Browse all of our DIY wedding ideas, and pay special attention to all the beautiful paper flowers that you can make for your bridal bouquet or guest table centerpieces! Happy wedding planning! ~ Lia 

Wedding Placecards Teal Wedding Placecards