dscf9253This holiday gift wrap set includes a huge variety of designs and color palettes. We’ve named them our Antler papers, Fa La La set, holiday plaids…you get the idea. I even got to do a bit of my own original watercoloring for the pine needles and pinecone design! Download the set below and choose your favorites for your specific presents. Just as with all of our gift wraps, you can print these onto 11 x 17 text weight paper. If you have smaller gifts, feel free to print onto regular 8.5 x 11! We do not recommend anything heavier than text weight because it will be too stiff to fold easily around the gift.

After you finish wrapping your gifts, complete the look with some pretty ribbon, bows or gift tags. Browse all of our gift wrapping ideas and stay tuned for more gift wrap sets to come! Find our latest holiday set – our Scandinavian gift wrap – or see how you can customize your own kid’s wrapping paper with your little ones. Learn how to cleverly wrap your bottle gifts and head over to our membership page to get in on the fun. Warm wishes for a happy holiday season! ~ Lia and the Team