diy paper deer headOh Deer!

This DIY paper deer head is a beautiful handcrafted work of art. Reminiscent of taxidermy trophies, this papercut version evokes a similar rustic vibe. Go for a stroll in the forest and find a wood slice that appeals to you, then create your paper deer head to mount on its face. This project makes for a unique holiday gift or decoration for a home den/living space. 




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Peel the backer off the wood paper and attach it to teal cardstock. (This will thicken the paper.)
  2. Trim your felt to fit the back of your wood slice. Glue a ribbon loop holder to the back of the wood, then glue the felt to the wood.
  3. Trim your pieces according to the pattern. Score and fold along the dotted lines.
  4. Flip over to the backside.
  5. Fold the tab of the face over the top of the head and glue into place.
  6. Fold the tabs on the antlers to the front.
  7. Glue the tabs onto the back of the head.
  8. Glue the neck fur to the wood slide with the head at a slight angle.
  9. Cut your wreath pieces, then glue the red and green layers together.
  10. Place the wreath around the deer’s neck. Hang your creation on a wall and enjoy!

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