We are expanding beyond paper and felt today to make some wooden flower stems! Designed by Krista, who is the queen of creating cute and dainty crafts, this project is great for all skills levels. The pattern below includes five designs so you can make three different flowers, a leaf sprig, and a seed pod stem.

As always, we have compiled everything you will need to make this project, and we will walk you through it step by step in our tutorial below.

handmade wooden flower stems

Wooden you like to make these?

These Scandi-inspired wooden flower stems have a laser-cut look — but you don’t need a Cricut Maker or a laser cutter to make them! All you need is a cutting machine with a deep cut blade. The StrongGrip mat also helps with cutting stronger materials like chipboard and wood veneer.

To make these flowers, we chose a maple wood veneer and added chipboard in the middle of our cut-out pieces for thickness and stability. As the final touch, we painted our wooden flower stems in colors that match this month’s soft garden palette. If you want, you could also skip the acrylic paint if you like the all-wood look.

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How to Make Wooden Flower Stems

  1. Gather your craft  tools and materials. Then download the pattern below.
  2. Prep the wood veneer by placing it with the wood grain going vertical onto a StrongGrip cutting mat. Tape down the edges with masking tape. Following Cricut’s instructions, cut out the wood pieces using the Cricut Wood Veneer setting and a Deep Cut Blade. The machine will make multiple passes on the material, but check that it cut all the way through the wood when it is done (without removing the mat from the machine). If not, run it through the material again, checking after each pass. Use a detail knife to go over any areas that might still be attached. Remove each flower stem, being careful not to bend them because they can easily crack along the grain.
  3. Cut out two of each stem (you will need two sheets of veneer).
  4. Cut out two of each stem out of a thinner brown chipboard. This will be used between the two layers of veneer for added strength and thickness. Cut it out with the Chipboard setting. Note, if cutting by hand: print and cut out the PDF template. Trace onto you materials and then cut out using a detail knife.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

photo tutorial for wooden flower stems by Lia Griffith

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