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DIY Paper Succulent Wreath

DIY_Paper_Succulent_Wreath Last Friday when I was in San Francisco, I visited my favorite garden store, Flora Grubb. They are known for their lush and abundant succulents and offer you every which way to create and grow your own succulent gardens that either hang on the wall or in beautiful containers around your living space. I was inspired to get to making the paper succulents that have been brewing in my creative brain for a while and decided to start with a simple paper wreath. This is my new front door wreath, perfect for late Summer and Fall. I made it with polka dot card stock and felted card stock in different colors that I pick up at Michaels. I designed four different succulent plants and mixing and matching the papers with the patterns made something that is just lovely out of paper and a green foam wreath. So simple. Since I have four different succulents tutorials and patterns, I will be sharing those in the following posts. I will also show you alternative ways to use these pretty succulents in small pots, wooden containers or glass bowls. So many options! Enjoy the paper eye candy and we will get to work on the DIY tomorrow. Cheers! ~ Lia

Paper_Succluent_DIY_Wreath Paper_Succulents_DIY Succulent_Wreath_Paper_DIY Paper_Succulent_Wreath_DIY

  1. Can you please tell me what type of cardstock you are using to make this?

  2. Exciting work you’ve done! I’d like your diy wreath to be featured on my blog. Could you be so kind as to let me introduce you to Greek bloggers?

    • That would be great! There is a terms of use you can refer to. It basically says you can use the photos and link back to the tutorial and printable download. Hugs to you and Greece!

  3. I absolutely love this! Our company designs succulent wreaths and sells them on Etsy but this is such a great alternative!!

  4. Oh my, what a beautiful and fun wreath to make :) I can’t wait to try it out. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  5. AWESOME creation as usual! We are going to SFO in Oct. what are you fav things to do while there?

    • The art museums! Last trip I went to Legion of Honor where they had the Impressionists. Not sure how long it is there. I have my set of shops I like to visit for inspiration (Castles in the Air in Berkley, Flax Art Supply, Flora Grubb of course). This trip I went to one of the Miette bakery/candy shops. Delightful!

  6. Hi. My name is Jennifer. This wreath caught my eye while I was on Pinterest. First time at your site. How do I access directions or a tutorial for this? Is there a link someone can share? Thanks for your guidance.

  7. I absolutely love this and can’t wait to see how each succulent is made. You are brilliant, Lia.

  8. I hardly can wait for the tutorial……thanks Lia!!!

  9. wooow this is lovely and beautiful , well done girl!!!
    thank you for the sharing, you’re a great inspirator and talented girl;-D

  10. I love it! U are great! Laura from New Zealand!

    vIVO en Barcelona a lo mejor no lo encuentro igual pero tengo una amiga en California que puede comprarmelo.
    Si algun día vienes a Barcelona ,estas invitada a mi casa seré tu guia turística . besos

  12. Can’t wait until tomorrow’s post! :)

  13. So very pretty!

  14. I can hardly wait to make this beautiful wreath. Lia your designs are so lovely.

  15. This wreath is absolutely exquisite! Is there anything your can’t make out of paper?

  16. oh I’m very much looking forward to these, lia! was going to try making some templates myself for succulents, but now you’ve done that for me, thanks! :-)
    your wreath looks lovely!

  17. Oh my, I look forward every day to your posts. You create the most beautiful, unique pieces of art . It will be fascinating to see your tutorials for these pretty things. Everything you make is such gorgeous eye candy I am afraid to try to replicate your art. One day I hope to try one of your projects.

  18. bellissimo ! beatiful ! grazie! thank you!

  19. Live it, Lia. Can’t wait for the instructions. :-) x

  20. The felted card stock is amazing! I can’t wait for these tutorials!

  21. This is absolutely gorgeous, and so original. I can’t wait until you start the tutorial. I will do my best to follow along with you.

  22. ahhhhh!!!! I can’t wait til tomorrow! I feel like a kid waiting for Santa!
    Gorgeous! Beautiful! Can’t wait!

  23. Its Beautiful !!

    What kind paper you using ?

  24. That is beautiful!!!!!

  25. Stunning! Can’t wait to see how to make it!

  26. Amazing!!!!

  27. Super excited to make this!!! I’m still cutting flowers for the chandelier 😉 will there be electronic cut files for this one? It is beautiful <3

    • There are ways to convert any image for a cut file for most machines. Google your machine and see what is out there in tutorials.

  28. Gorgeous! I’m not fond of succulents, but this I love!

  29. Thanks! great post as always …

  30. Beautiful! Looking forward to your posting tomorrow. Thanks.

  31. Unique and just lovely. You are truly amazing!

  32. Lia, I swear you are psychic! I cannot wait for your next post. I was wondering though, if it is at all possible if you could also include an .svg file format for my Portrait to cut? It would be awesome because I was hoping to “succulent” up the home :-p

    Again, you’re awesome Lia!

  33. I Can’t wait!

  34. absolutely gorgeous!! can’t wait for the tutorials!!

  35. Thank you!! This is the best we have been pulling wedding decorations together and this is perfect – PERFECT!. Mint and Coral. I’m going to be waiting on pins and needles (I mean scissors and paper) for your next posts! You are the BEST! Thank you!

    • These will be so perfect for wedding decor! Mint and coral integrated into the color would be just gorgeous. Check back tomorrow for the first set of tutes and templates. :-)

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