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Make A Monogrammed Jumbo Tote Bag

Monogrammed Jumbo Tote Bag I had such a great time making the monogrammed zipper bags that it got me thinking about using the same technique on a tote bag. I wanted to make a jumbo tote that I could easily fill with my groceries or use for a weekend trip to the coast. After making the burlap feed sacks for the farm party, I knew I wanted to use the yard of burlap I had leftover from that project. I then mixed the rustic fabric with a remnant quarter yard of teal outdoor fabric and made this jumbo monogrammed tote. The trick to making a great monogram out of fabric is using fusible interfacing on the back of the letter. It will stiffen the monogram making it easier to sew and also helps keep the raw edge from fraying. You can see how I did this in the tutorial below. I also used pinking sheers on the edge of the letter for both the look of the chevron edge and to also help with fraying. This bag is so simple to make. It took me less than two hours form start to finish and gave me an opportunity to recycle these fabric leftovers. In my tutorial I give you the dimensions I used for the bag in the photo but you can make it any size that suits you. I have included a PDF for the monogram letters in this serif font that you can download at the end of the post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Burlap Monogrammed Tote BagDIY DIY Monogrammed Tote Bag MonogrammedToteBag LargeMonogramButton

  1. Hi Lia, I featured your beautiful tutorial on my website, Thanks for being so generous sharing your patterns.

  2. Hi Lia,
    Started making this tote for a friend but I am stuck on the part that says “sew the long side of contrast piece together”. Is there a step missing? Or was I suppose to cut two pieces of the contrast material?

  3. Hi Lia! Happy New Year! I am ready to start some sewing projects and I think this is a good one to start with. I am new at sewing so still getting used to the lingo. I think I missed something. Am I supposed to cut 2 pieces of contrast fabric 22 x 12? I don’t understand how you would sew the long edges together if there is only 1 piece that is 22 x 12. Please clarify. Thanks!

  4. I’m ready to start sewing.
    This is a wonderfull project to try it out.
    Thank you so much Lia.
    ps : this is an amazing blog ! so beautifull and warm.

  5. Great bag gal, it’s so pretty also. I love to make bags. My machine doesn’t always cooperate (or I’m having a senior hour or so) but I just walk away for awhile (or a day or so) and go back to it later.
    You are multi-talented, being able to sew and all the other mediums you work with. Hobby Lobby has some cotton duck fabric I think I’ll get to make a bag, the one in Grand Junction has aqua with cream background and I think either pink or orange chevron. I’m going to get some of the aqua chevron to make a bag, with a 40%off coupon of course. . Cotton Duck fabric is
    $8.99 a yard, ouch.
    I loved your summer bags but zippers and me are not exactly compatible. My patience ends when it comes to zippers. I used to put zippers in clothes I made but not any more.
    The fabric you used is so pretty, wish I could find it. Love all the new geometric prints that are out now but don’t like their prices. Happy weekend

    • Thanks! I also love recycling fabrics that I find at second hand stores or yard sales. I considered making this bag from an old coffee sack, but wanted to use up what I had first. Just keep your eyes open for good patterns where ever you go and things will pop up! Happy sewing!

  6. What a great bag! Love it!

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