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Make These Gorgeous Paper Hydrangeas

DIY Painted Paper Hydrangea I will be completely honest with you here. . . I was dreading making the paper hydrangea and have put off designing the burst of tiny blooms for a very long time. Though it is one of my favorite flowers, the idea of gluing hundreds of little petals into a ball seemed daunting. One of my friends, who is also my unofficial blog coach, challenged me to design the hydrangea as it is wedding season and this is a wedding flower favorite! I am not one to miss a good challenge so I took her on. My process of designing a flower starts with what I call “noodling it over in my head”. I think through the details of the real flower and how I might build the structure, or how would this paper need to curl to replicate this petal . . . So in noodling the hydrangea, I came up with the idea of this floral wire structure of 30 strands each to make the bloom. After you have this ready, the rest is easy! If you don’t have a cutting machine, yes, cutting 60-90 little flowers for each hydrangea head is pretty time consuming, but worth it. The thing I love about hydrangeas, real or paper, is that each lush head takes a lot of space, both physically and visually. So just a few of these intricate flowers make a real statement.

Hydrangea Blooms Made from Paper DIY Paper Hydrangeas Tutorial Painted Paper Hydrangea Tutorial For my blooms I used a metallic paper from Ice Silver on which I painted the pale green centers and Opal to give a pale yellow background to the blue wash, were my color choices. For the leaves I chose the dark green of Botanic. On the smaller blooms I used 60 petals, which is two sheets of paper and for the larger I glued on 90 petals, which were cut from three sheets of paper. Each flower has three leaves glued under the base of the dome. You can add more leaves on separate stems of wire if you would like extra greenery in your bouquet. For the stems I used a 12 inch floral wire that is 18 gage though 20 or 22 are fine to use too. You can find these wires in your craft store floral section. You will need 30 stems of wire for both sizes of bloom. To add some color to the paper petals, I used a simple craft paint that was quite watered down to give just a touch of color. The results are just gorgeous, don’t you think?

Below is my full tutorial on how to make these paper hydrangeas. A huge thanks to for hosting this free printable pattern. At the end of this post is a link for you to go there and download the printable patterns are well as the SVG files for your Cricut Explore or Cameo Silhouette. If you are making a lot of these flowers, I do recommend you buy a Cricut Explore and am happy to answer any questions about cutting machines. I do have both brands. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Flower Hydrangea DIY How to make paper hydrangeas with printable and DIY tutorial DIY Paper Hydrenga Tutorial hydrangeabutton3

  1. Hi there,
    I’m totally new to the whole Cricut thing, and just got myself a Cricut Explore Air which is AMAZING! I’ve made a couple of your flowers with it and I love them! The only thing I’ve not been able to figure out (and maybe it’s my machine setting or something) is that it seems like you use 8.5×11 paper from paper-papers, but the cutting files always seem to be laid out for 12×12 sheets and I don’t see an option to reconfigure that.

    • You lay everything on the paste board so that it fits within the 8.5×11 frame (or what ever size paper you use) Have fun with your new Cricut Explore! I have a couple of videos on my site showing how to use some of the Cricut features.

  2. A big Thank You!! love your designs!!

  3. Yay! Hydrangea are my absolute favorite flower….I saw the cuts on and was so confused as how to make them into a flower, your tutorial is going to be so helpful – thank you for sharing!

  4. I LOVE them! Your tutorials always amaze me. Thank you! <3

  5. I cannot get my Sillhouette Cameo to open the files, do I have to upgrade the software?

  6. This is so amazingly gorgeous that I can’t even find the words to tell you how much I love this. Thank you so much for your creative genius and the fact that you give templates!

  7. WOW I love it! I’m sure i’ll do them 😉 Regards from Spain

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Que c’est beau!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for responding Lia . I thought that was what you meant but so wanted to get this right . just awaiting my punch

    Sue x

  10. Hello Lia could you please expand on “sticking petal to petal ”
    Sue x

    • Once you get all the of wire heads covered with petals, you will want to fill in between with more petals and I do so by gluing the back of the petals together just on the edge so that they cover the whole dome.

  11. Whoop , whoop Just bought the Martha Stewart hydrangea punch and it was half price .Can’t wait to play

  12. Yes I wish there was enough time to have a Lia day everyday but the projects I have done have all turned out really well . Think this is due to very clear instructions . Would love to do the Hydrangea ….what is the punch you can buy that does similar flowers ?
    Sue x

  13. I love your work. I wish I can try all your tutorial :) . Thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Hi Lia, when I saw this flower I should have known it was your site! I love all the flower tutorials you have on here. I downloaded the SVG for the hydrangea and I still use my Cricut with SCAL (older version of Cricut) and I checked and the design pulls up wonderfully on it! Thank you so very much and I am a “collector” but hopefully one day will be a creator.

  16. Hello Lia: I am thrilled with your flowers. As I live in the Caribbean I would like to do bougainvilleas but the cutting of all those small parts is an issue. Could you explain more about the cutting machine? I have no idea of how such a machine works.

    • Hi Yolanda. I am going to be doing a post on cutting machines this week. My favorite is the new Cricut Explore as it is a tool and can do more than just cut paper. And. . . it cuts paper (my templates) beautifully.

  17. Lia. I am so very thankful that you have this blog and are sharing your work with us. But I am truly stuck in simply trying to download the files. I am very new to the silouhette cameo and have searched you tube over and over. Is there a simpler reading to get this done? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi there…flowers are beautiful! Can you tell me a bit more about the “wash” process you did on the flowers? Is it just the color with a bit of water added? What kind of brush did you use?

    • I just used a craft brush, nothing fancy and watered down some acrylic paint. I used the metallic paper which stands up to water well to it did not sog up at all. Just a thin wash of paint will do.

  19. Thank you, I have been making hydrangeas for a bit now and love your idea. Can’t wait to change up my designs. Love all that you do.

  20. To answer one commentors ?, I read while back that putting your glue sticks in freezer helps omit the strings which are maddening when hot gluing alot. I always seem to forget to do that but think I’ll go get mine glue sticks to put in freezer. I sure hope it works.
    Now then for hydrangeas, these are so gorgeous, they’ll be worth lots of work. Will make bunch of petals while watching tv. Wish there was a die for this but if I can find a punch for petals that would be great. Petals are pretty small so would be labor intensive which my old hands aren’t too receptive to any more. I’ll have to search craft supplier sites for any info on a punch or die.
    I stand at my kitchen island to punch things and watch tv, helps to get job done. Can do petals/leaves in several sessions.
    Doggone it, wish I had papers needed now so I could get started. About only way I’ll have hydrangeas is to make them. Our climate and soil here is not conducive to hydrangea growing, especially by me.
    Thank you Lia a million times over for tackling this challenge, I love all your paper flowers but hydrangeas are my very special favorites. Your talents and sharing of them is very appreciated.

  21. Hi Lia,
    I absolutely positively love your Hydrangea tutorial and can’t wait to make them! Before I get the scissors out, is there any way to cut the template using my Cricut Expressions??!

    • Not yet. Unfortunately, the Expressions only takes cartridges of cut files from the Cricut site. I am working with them right now to get my flowers on the list. Stay tuned.

  22. Absolutely stunning, Lia. I love hydrangeas… I still have photos with them from when I was a child, in my grandmother’s backyard. Hydrangeas bring good memories :). Thanks for sharing more awesome flowers. I’ll have to try these too… one day.

    • Do try one. They are a tad time consuming, but well worth it. I am making a paper hydrangea wreath for my front door night now.

  23. I already do this with my hydrangea paper punch (I think it’s martha’s).. but yay! I already made a ton of bouquets for my wedding.. can’t wait to show you!

  24. Absolutely beautiful! For those who do not have a cutting machine (like me),there is a scrapbooking hydrangea punch that I’ve used instead. It’s slightly smaller, but it still works beautifully.

  25. Hola Lia, soc l’Anna , fa temps que no comento res, veig que això dels comentaris ha canviat una mica …
    Quina flor més preciosa!! espero que segueixis tan bé com sempre.

    • Hi Anna! Sometimes I get behind in responding but I do always try. 😉 I do love these flowers too. Hugs!

      • Hi Lia, I think the message has not translated well, what I meant is that I’m who long ago that I’m not write on your blog now that you’ve changed the coment system … uuffffff language problems .. hehehe I’m sorry…

  26. Hi dear Lia,
    Concerning the cricut machine, as you’re using it, can you tell me if we can use our own designs/creations, or do we have to buy the ones on their website ?

  27. Just lovely… I am a longtime fan of paper designs. Back in the day when I had to cut shapes by hand (still do some) now, it is much easier w/ my Silhouette.

    Thanks for reminding me just how much fun it is and that I need to do more, a lot more.

  28. Lia I tried to use the svg for this but my Explore wouldn’t take it do I need to do something about the png at the end of the file?

    • In the design space you will need to upload it as a vector upload. That accepts the SVG files.

      • No Lia, it definitely says its not a SVG but a PNG and in my download it says the same thing. I tried to upload it using the basic upload but it came out all black. I’m using a Mac if that makes a difference…

  29. My goodness, I just love your paper flowers. Incredibly beautiful – thank you for sharing!

  30. So, I’m new at this. Beyond the moon about your flower patterns!! I’m getting married in October and just love the idea of paper flowers. I have a Silhouette CAMEO. Which is brand new and the software if new to me too. So, I love it when you have the Silhouette files. Again I appreciate any free files. I think that I was able to create the Silhouette file. Please let me know if you would like me to send it to you.

    • Silhouette will take the SVG files. It is very easy to upload and I think you can find a tutorial for that on YouTube. Since I work with Cricut Explore now, I only offer the free files in a form that can be used on both machines.

  31. Just lovely! I am new user of the cameo how would you import this file to use? Thank you again for all the flower tutorials. You are so talented!

    • I am not the best source to teach Silhouette file uploading, but I do know that you can find a tutorial on You Tube! It should be pretty easy, but I am now on Cricut so no longer have that info.

  32. omg–
    you are such a brilliant designer–
    i really appreciate your sharing your designs with us gratis–
    i curve my petals by putting them on a thick foam mat & shaping them with a large ball stylus–
    thanks —

  33. süpeeeerrr!

  34. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous. As good as the real thing if not better! When you say you made these in one evening are you talking about 3,4,5 hours or more?

    • I am thinking I spent about an hour per bloom and that included cutting and waiting for the paint to dry. So, 5 hours for there 5 stems. 😉

  35. A technical question Lia .I have a silhouette cameo but only have the basic software which mean it doesn’t recognise svg file to download . Is there anyway round this ? Might have to resort to scissors as I just have to make some of these amazing paper flowers

    • I will bet that you can upgrade your software online. If you can’t then I can get you a PNG or JPG which should work. Let me know.

  36. Oh Lia you are truly the Queen of the Flowers. I love this. In italy the name is Ortensia. I have so many plants that flowers in the garden. My inglish is not well but let me ask you again my compliments. Have a nice day. Giorgia

  37. These are awesome Lia and looking forward to having a go . Can you tell me how long it takes to make one hydrangea head .Keep looking at them as they are just terrific . Also thanks for the tip about leaves as I am doing some at the moment for other flowers .

    • I would say that each stem took me about an hour, but I used a cutting machine for the petals so once you have everything trimmed, around 30-45 minutes. Does that help?

  38. Lia, you made my dream come true… i love it!!

  39. Hi Lia, beautiful hydrangea, I’m teaching my school paper crafters how you make your flowers. Thanks for inspiring us.

  40. Oh Lia, these are exquisite! You have really outdone yourself this time :)

  41. Your friend was right to challenge you… Beautiful result! Great blog post, great job—gorgeous flowers!

  42. In using the Cricut expression – what size flower petal would you cut?? The flowers are beautiful!

  43. Lia they are gorgeous as always, thank you again
    Denise x

  44. Just in time for June! Hydrengeas are my most favorite flower…I call them “Grandma” Flowers. Thank you for sharing!

    • They are a grandma flower! I just adore them too and have a small bush here at my house. I will love having these for both photo props and to display in my living room.

  45. Everything you do is so,so beautiful! I’m amazed by your talent! Thank you for sharing these lovely tutorials!

  46. gorgeous, but, omg…. i too would be putting it off…….. the numbers are outstanding . You really made the arrangement with lots of love put into the vase of flowers…. beautiful

  47. How did you glue the petals to the tips of the wire. I don’t have floral wire unfortunately just jewelry wire would you reccommend any alternatives. I live in a small town where access to craft stuff is limited to the discount store! :( love these hydrangeas!!

    • Any wire will work as long as you can bend it. If you don’t have floral tape (the dollar store may carry it) then cut strips of green paper and glue it around. Just make sure your wire is held together in a solid way by wrapping it with another wire or taping the top with scotch tape. Once you have your top splayed in a dome, you may even want to bend the tip just at the end so you have more wire surface to glue onto the paper. Tell me how it works! You are a clever one so I will bet it will be gorgeous. 😉

      • Thanks! I’ve got floral tape – found that a while back at the dollar store. I will try some thick jewelry wire I have – i always have trouble getting the stretched floral tape to stick to the jewelry wire! I will post a picture of the finished product on IG – thank you so much! :)

  48. Lia, these hydrangeas are BEAUTIFUL! You’re remarkable! Can’t wait to make these in all my favorite hydrangea-y colors.

    • Thanks Donna! Yes, as I was researching the flower, I was taking note of all the gorgeous colors I can make too. I need to do a paper order! 😉

  49. They’re gorgeous!! They look so realistic.

  50. Awesome!!!!!

  51. OMG! A punch or die would make this a snap – I can’t imagine cutting out all those flowers!

  52. Putting it off! Looks to me like they were WELL worth the effort. I like the idea of penciling in the leaf veins. Thank you for sharing.

  53. These are so gorgeous! How do you deal with all the stringiness of hot glue? Is there a way to avoid strings that I haven’t figured out?

    • Haha! I LOVE your question! I deal with it by holding it up to the light when I finish, look for shiny strings and pull them off one by one. It is the downside to the glue gun but worth it in my opinion. 😉

  54. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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