Fall_Hydrangea_Paper_WreathDeck the Halls with a Paper Hydrangea Wreath

For my DIY paper hydrangea wreath, I started with 5 frosted papers in text weight from PaperPapers.com. The colors for this wreath were Ruby, Punch, Kunzite, Violette, and Opal. And to add an extra layer of color, I printed them with a watercolor wash on a laser printer. You can download the purple, blue, and green washes here.

I then chose three leaf colors: Botanic, Emerald and Fairway. I picked the Emerald to coordinate with the color of my front door, so you may choose a more traditional green if you prefer.

To make the 11 flower heads, each one is a mix of two colors to add depth. I printed five sheets of each color to make 25 sheets total. Plum watercolor on Ruby, Violette, and Punch; blue watercolor on Kunzite; and green watercolor on Opal. I then used my Cricut Explore to trim the 30 petals per sheet until I had a pile of 750 petals.

For the leaves, I cut three sheets of Botanic and Fairway and two of Emerald to make 48 leaves. If you do not have a cutting machine, you can use my PDF template to hand cut the petals and leaves. Once everything is cut, you can follow the tutorial below to assemble your wreath.

For this DIY paper hydrangea wreath, I am using a different technique than the hydrangeas I made for the hydrangea bouquet as it does not need to look as delicate on the wreath form. Instead of a wire dome, I used the 4-inch foam balls cut into half and attached to a wreath form. This is also a quicker method to assemble the hydrangea blooms into a wreath. Absolutely gorgeous results, don’t you think?

You can find all of the tools and materials needed listed on the right hand side at the top of this post – including links to our top-match paper picks from our shop for this project.

Thank you PaperPapers.com for hosting this stunning autumn statement piece. If you click the button below, you will be able to go to their blog and download the PDF printable pattern or the SVG cutting machine file for this project. Enjoy! ~ Lia

purple and green frosted paper hydrangea wreath Purple and green paper hydrangea wreath on front door diy paper hydrangea wreath on front door with DIY pumpkins Photo tutorial for diy paper hydrangea wreath by Lia Griffithhydrangeabutton3