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Make These Pretty Crepe Paper Tulips

DIY-Crepe-Paper-Tulips As you may have noticed, most of the flower patterns and tutorials I share on my blog are made from printer or metallic paper. To mix things up a bit I have been working on some crepe paper flower projects and decided to share with you my version of a crepe paper tulip. Though I have made tulips from printer paper and will share them here as well, these crepe blooms are so easy to make and perfect for that pop of spring color. Crepe paper come in different weights and quality. Though I love the Italian crepe that is 180 grams (and are $7 a roll), these spring flowers are made with a lighter weight 100 gram crepe that I purchased at Paper Mart (and are $1.93 a roll). Perfect for a project where you might need a lot of flowers. For this project I used the colors Lavender, Mauve, Daffodil and Moss for the leaves. The trick to working with any crepe paper is to make sure the grain is vertical to the petals and leaves. This will allow you to gently stretch the crepe to make the realistic curls and shapes. I found the paper covered stems at JoAnn craft stores. You can use the package of straight wires or they also offer the same look in a roll. JoAnn also sells the green floral tape. I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial for you below and at the end of the post you can download and print the pattern for these pretty spring tulips. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Make-Paper-Tulips DIY-Paper-Tulips Make-Crepe-Paper-Tulips CrepeTulipTutorial TulipPatternButton

  1. It’s such a nice idea by using papers and making them flowers..good job!

  2. Hi i have been to you website a few times and you make lovely flowers, thanks for these lovely tulips, i love tulips , it has been a long time since i have done something like this, as i remember it was in school, but as time flies by i had forgotten, thanks for the free template, Norma

  3. These are so pretty, can do in so many colors and crepe paper is available in so many colors. You make it look easy and doable. I just have to decide which flower I’m going to do, guess that will depend on what paper I have to make them with. I’ll have to take good look at crepe paper rolls I get at $tree, might not be heavy enough and rolls aren’t wide enuf to make leaves.
    Thank you so much Lia for sharing so many wonderful projects. Hope you have a wonderful week

  4. wow…i love it: )its really amazing…

  5. like this,going to try it in sunday school,see if the kids can do it

  6. I’m dying to try these out, they look just lovely! I linked you on my blog so that I don’t forget!

  7. looking forward to making these lovely blooms for easter !!! thanks for sharing

  8. I plan to use your design at the nursing home where I volunteer to teach arts and crafts. Because the home is faith based I’m not allowed to use anything “Easter bunny-ish.” This is PERFECT. Thank you for a wonderful idea!

  9. So beautiful Lia, it’s going to my pinterest, and one of these days I’m going to try and make it.

  10. Beautiful tulips with crepe paper. I invite you to me on your blog. I make flowers out of tissue paper and crepe paper too. Greetings from PolandBeautifull.

  11. As usual these are lovely Lia, will have a go at these the weekend.

  12. Well, I love all your ideas and projects, but your flowers are simply the best!!! One of these days my house is full with your flowers :).

  13. They are really pretty! :)

  14. I just have to love your paper flowers!!! Crepe, card stock, paper stock, it doesn’t matter, they are just amazing!
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us. XD

  15. Amazing!!! I will try these for sure! Thanks a lot, Lia!

  16. Beautiful!

  17. Your tulips are amazing! I believe you could make anything out of paper!

  18. I have a ladies brunch coming up in a few weeks. I will definitely be trying these! Tank you very much!!

  19. Just absolutely stunning!

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