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Printable Vintage Chalkboard Pantry Labels + Gluten-Free Set

Chalkboard Pantry Labels With the vintage chalkboard herb and spice jar labels being a big hit, my friends over at generously invited me to share the coordinating pantry labels with their blog readers in addition to you all here.

Chalkboard Style Pantry Labels Vintage Pantry Labels Chalkboard Vintage Pantry Labels I worked to make a full kit with a broad range of items for this vintage chalkboard pantry label design. I want you to have a label for every item in your pantry, right? I am wishing I could invite you all over to look inside my cupboards as it is the pantry I have always dreamed of. Organized, thorough and oh so stylish.

Gluten-Free Pantry Labels As some of you know, I am gluten-free. Of course I had to design another full kit to include the flours and pastas for all of those jars. It seems that more and more of us are giving up gluten so I had to share.

These labels are ready to print, trim and apply to all of your pantry jars. Each kit has the large, medium and mini sizes to fit any jar. All of these can be printed onto full sheet labels. The labels are designed so that you can trim then as a rectangle or follow the bracket shape of the design. One tip I suggests is before you begin to trim the labels, peel and replace the backer so it will come off easily once you have cut your preferred shape. All the links for the downloads will take you to where you can download them there. Thanks for supporting the beauty on the inside of our kitchen cupboards! Cheers! ~ Lia

Printable Chalkboard Pantry Labels DownloadPantryLabels Printable Gluten-Free Pantry Labels DownloadGFLabels

  1. Hi Lia,
    I love these labels!! I have featured them as a post on my Facebook Biz page twice, yesterday being the most recent because I am actually organizing my spice cupboard and pantry storage as I write this.

    I have been saving bottles and jars and finding some great ones at my favorite thrift shops. The shelves are looking so pretty.

    Thank you for generously sharing these gorgeous labels with us. You asked us to mention if you forgot any and I was sure I saw a Coconut Sugar label, but could not find that one. I have pinned you as well.

  2. Have you thought about doing these as a print and cut for the Cricut machine? I know you are such a fan, and these would be so great for that (make the cutting easier). I would definitely purchase that if you did!

  3. I don’t see black labels on the worldlabel site. Are you printing on white? That seems like a big waste of ink… Thanks for clarifying.

  4. Yes, I’ve seen the herbs & spices labels but I need the pantry ones. I have things like Coconut Sugar, Bulgur Wheat, Chia Seeds, Spelt Flour, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, and Bread Flour just to name a few. Really wanting them to match. I understand that the fonts you used are copyrighted but I’m happy to get my own font if I could just have the beautiful labels! :)

  5. Have looked on your etsy shop and cant find these labels in blank format as you mentioned in response to some of the other comments. They are by far the best I’ve found on the web, but there are several that I need that you don’t have. Can you please help?

  6. Lia, Thanks so much for the gluten free pantry labels, they are so much prettier than the clear P-Touch strips, that I have been using on my storage jars. I’d love to share a link back to your GF Pantry Labels on my gluten free blog. Please let me know if that would be okay and if it is how you’d prefer it to be handled. I love your designs!
    I also wondered if the matching spice labels are available to purchase in a 1 inch circle size? Thanks

  7. I love these labels and have printed them but there are some I need that aren’t included. Is it possible to buy the above (not the gluten free ones) in an editable format so I can add what I need as I go. I haven’t seen any others out there that I like as much. I have also printed and used the spice labels.

    • No, since the fonts are not free fonts, I can’t set it up as editable. You can find another newer set here on the blog that I did make editable however. It is a different design though. You can find the blank templates in my etsy shop though.

  8. Thanks! I actually figured it out when I went to office supply for label paper. I’m printing on an inkjet and bought inkjet label paper. I inserted brand new black ink cartridge but the second page is printing with a pinkish hue about halfway through print job. Have you ever had this problem? I downloaded the blank template from your Etsy store so I could customize my labels. The project came out great. I wish I could attach a picture to show you! 😀

    • Inkjet printers can be really touchy sometimes. Maybe do a cleaning of the heads process. Your printers should show you how to do this.

  9. Hi Lia – this seems like a silly question but what type of paper/labels do I use when I print these? I’ve seen sticker paper but what size labels? I may use a mix of sizes depending on my container. Thanks! :)

  10. Hi Lia, I love your chalkboard Canning jar labels. I would like to use them for my homemade chutney jars. I would need about a 100 printed labels; could you give me an idea about how much would them cost? Thank you very much
    Margarita Sepúlveda

    • I don’t offer these printed, but you can take the file with your local printer. A laser printer is great for these and you can print them onto full sheet label paper and trim them by hand.

  11. I printed and used these when you first put them up. I LOVE the fonts and have been trying to find them for purchase put haven’t had any luck. Is it possible for you to give me the name of these fonts so I can find a site to purchase them from?

  12. Hi Lia, do you have this labels in easy? Is there a way to print some of my own. I print this ones and I have the dream pantry that I want it for so long, but I still have some jars without labels. Like Farro, Barley, vegan chicken less broth, noodles, mix nuts, raisins, apricots, Polenta. I will love o buy them so I can have a complete set.

    • Yes, I do offer them on Etsy. You can buy blank labels or I can make custom to match. If you want the later, just send me a note with your list and I can give you an estimate.

  13. I have been trying to find where to download your templates for the pantry labels and haven’t had success so far. I have even clicked on the world labels site and it’s not showing up. However I have been able to find the spice jars. Could you point me in the right direction please. Thank you.

  14. I think these labels are very clean looking, which is a nice change from the fru fruie ones Iv’e been seeing. I found some really dynamite looking clear 4 oz plastic jars at a yard sale, without the lids, (I am on a quest to find the lids) These labels are at the top of my list to use on these jars! Thanks

  15. You are a dear! Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy used some of your labels for presents, and then I saw the gluten-free cookie recipe (I’ve been gluten free for about five years). Needless to say, I’ve been browsing this beautiful blog! I can not wait until winter break so I can organize my pantry! Half of us in my family eat gluten free and half eat “regular.” This makes it a bit tricky to navigate the pantry and refrigerator. Thank you for your generosity!

  16. Hi Lia
    These are adorable.
    I stumbled upon this post while searching for printable chalkboard backgrounds. I love the look of yours. May I ask where it is from? Or did you create it yourself? If so, is it too cheeky to ask whether you may be willing to share it :-)

  17. I am not seeing the link to click to get the download

  18. LOVING these labels!! My pantry is starting to look legit 😉 I was wondering if you have the “Flax Seed” and “Shredded Coconut” in a medium size? Thank you so much for offering these! They are beautiful!

  19. love your labels… I would like to print them and put them on my jars… but…I would like to ask if there is a way to print them on some type of paper that would be able to stick and pull back off easy… not just label paper.. but someother type that does not leave a sticky mark after you do not need it any more… Example my jars are not all the same at this time… until I can get what I want these will have to do.

    • Hi Tam. I have had great success using and removing the printed labels from glass. I just soak them in water for a few minutes. I guess another option might be to use regular paper and add a clear vinyl over the top, letting the edges hang over and stick to the jar.

  20. Thank you so much for all the wonderful crafty stuff you share! Love the printable labels!

  21. I am wondering how to print these? I LOVE them, but I cannot find the button to download them…

    • The grey buttons that say “download”. . . click on one of those and it will take you to where they all are for you.

  22. Hey Lia !

    Love your stuff…the photos always look so gorgeous – can you tell me what camera and lens you use to take such gorgeous shots?! I am about to buy a canon DSLR myself and wondered what lenses you/your photographer use!!

    Thank so much,! X Danny

    • Hi Danny! Yes, photos can make or break a post. ;-). I shoot with a Canon 5D MarkII and use a 50mm 1.8 fixed lens for the close up shots and a 24-70mm lens for the wider shots.

  23. So I need to buy the label paper from like an office max then print?

  24. Thank you for the unique looking labels! I printed the big ones (flour, sugar, etc.). Came back today to print the smaller pantry labels and they are not coming up. Are they still available? Thanks.

    • They are all still available. In fact, double check the PDF you already downloaded because there are 15 pages of labels and all 3 sizes in the one kit.

  25. Hi Lia,

    This is such an amazing idea! I’m so in love with the small and big latch-lid jars–may I ask where they can be purchased?

  26. How do I print you labels using the print shop you mentioned. I go to that website and I don’t see how to download your labels

  27. These labels are amazing, my kitchen looks much better. Thank you.
    If you dont mind me asking, what are the fonts you used? i’ve been looking for these style of fonts for a long time.
    I’m currently making a menu for a school project (running a restaurant for one night) and the font is just perfect.

  28. Thanks so much for the labels, its so nice to get something for free, and that I was actually in need of.

  29. Did anyone ever find an answer to if these could be cut out with a silhouette?

  30. love these labels

  31. I Love this printable!!! but I don’t understand where I can print it… It’s a free printable or I can pay for this? thank you… :)

    • Yes they are free downloads. The link buttons at the bottom will take you to World Label’s blog as they sponsored this post. You can simply download the printables there. These are all set up to print on your home printer too. If you need a blank or custom version, I do sell those in my Etsy shop.

  32. Thank You SO SO SO MUCH! I bought labels at World market and only used 6 of the 15 labels. I can’t wait to get more jars and organize all my spices and pantry supplies! I am so glad I found these for free. Your awesome!

  33. Hi Lia,
    I want to thank you for providing “gluten-free” labels. My diet is strictly gluten-free, therefore believing I would never find any such labels for myself. I believe you are the only site to do so. And I appreciate it very much. Question: Are you able to provide “blank” labels as I have a large gluten-free pantry ingredients list?

    • Yes, it was hard to include them all as we each have the ones we use most. I can either do a blank template or a custom version in my font for you through Etsy. Just email me at or through my Etsy shop.

  34. Hi Lia, thank you so much for sharing these lovely labels. I just organized my pantry and was wanting to put some labels on all my containers. I found your website via Pinterest and am so glad l did. I was wondering is there any way of somehow personalizing these labels. I’m missing Coffee, Tea, Cous Cous, Cereal… Also would love to see inside your pantry.
    Again thanks so much

    • Hello Daniela, So happy you found my blog! I can make some custom labels for you from my Etsy shop. Send me a note there with how many names you need.

  35. Lia thank you so much for these. I was just using a boring old label maker for my pantry… I love these and so do all my friends when they see them.
    Thanks so much. I may need a few more for odd items so I will be contacting you via etsy.

  36. Hey Lia! I have downloaded all of your labels and LOVE them! I just went through my pantry and have re-organized everything using your precious labels, thank you! However, I am in need of a few more. Would you be able to create them for me or would there be any way that I could create them on my own? I’m happy to pay you for your time to make these. Please let me know, I would love to have all of my labels consistant. Thanks so much!!

    • Hello Heather. Yes, I can create some custom labels through Etsy. Just send me your list through email (lia at liagriffith dot com) and I will give you an estimate depending on how many versions you are looking for. Funny, my sis was just visiting from Washington and was ooohhing over my pantry and spice drawer. :-)

  37. Oh my gosh Lia these are amazing. I am so happy you included Gluten Free ones too! You’re always so generous with your beautiful designs.

    Thank you!

  38. amazing! thank you :)

  39. These are great! Just love all your work. Thank you!

  40. Thanks so much for providing these beautiful labels! I love them, and will definitely be using them in my pantry!

  41. Oh I would love to see a picture of the inside of your organized kitchen cupboards. Now I need to get organized with my cupboards. Thank you so much for sharing your labels. Love them.

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