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Sew These DIY Zipper Bags for Your Summer Outings

DIY Zipper BagsSmall DIY Zipper BagsHappy Friday everyone! I am going to finish my June 2013 posts with this fun and simple zipper bag. I have been seeing these all over the web on other DIY sites, but they were all hand sewing them. Lovely if you don’t have a machine, but I don’t have the time or patience to hand sew something when it is easier to pull out my machine. I know there are a lot of you out there with sewing machines so I am going to share my machine stitched version of these little bags. I am totally in love with the fabric I used for the farmer’s market bag that I posted on Monday. Happy to have some leftover scrap pieces, I knew they would be perfect for a few small zipper bags to use with the large tote or to organize my things when I travel. After trimming the pieces for my bag I took a quick trip to the fabric store to match zippers and thread. These bags are so simple, I think I will make a dozen more and use them for gifts. Have a great weekend! ~ Lia

Sewn Zipper Bag Small Zipper Bag Tutorial

  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I’m excited to give these a try :) I got a sewing machine for Christmas and just made my first couple projects. Now I’m ready for more!


  2. Love it! These look so quick I might actually be able to do these!

  3. very cute! I can think of so many uses for them

  4. I can’t believe how easy to do and beautiful these are !Your fabric is really nice too , where did you buy it?

  5. Love these, and it sounds quick and inexpensive enough to make one to match every outfit! :)

  6. Molt ben explicat el pas a pas ,encara que no entenc totes les paraules les he buscat al traductor i ja ho he entès bé,
    Thankyou !!!

  7. Wow Lia, looks easy!!! Love the material! Will try to make these when time permits! Thank you for sharing!

  8. These are too cute! I don’t know how to sew, but my grandma just gave me her old sewing machine so I’m going to learn! This looks like a fun project once I get the whole sewing thing down :) Love the fabric you used!

    • Thanks Tammy! Yes, sewing is a lost art that is coming back into our handcrafted lives. I feel lucky that I learned when I was young and that my family was poor enough that if I wanted new clothes I had to sew them. I hated it then and bless them now. :-) You can do it. Learn your machine, different stitches, how to put in a zipper, how to make button holes and you are on your way. Yay for you in getting an old machine. My mom’s old singer is THE BEST machine I have ever used.

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