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Style Your Clipboards with Printed Label Paper and Washi Tape

Washi Tape Label Clipboards One of my favorite organization tools is the good old fashioned clipboard. I like to have each project on a separate board so that I can easily switch gears without having to hunt through a stack of papers. When I designed my office space, I planned a wall that would easily display all of my boards, making things not only organized but looking great! One way I added style was to cover my brown boards with label paper that I printed using my summer gift wrap collection and French inspired gift wrap. These gift wraps are set for 11×17 paper but since label paper is smaller, I printed two sheets for each clipboard. I then added a strip of coordinating washi tape to cover the seam. The final touch is the chalkboard number labels placed on the metal clip to keep things in perfect order. I love this look of my clipboard wall as you can see in my photos below. I have prepared a tutorial on how I covered the clipboards; easy to follow, easy to make. I have also included a download for the chalkboard number labels. You can download all of the prints that I used on my boards in this gift wrap post and and the last two are from this post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. Hi Lia, can you tell me where you got the clipboards from? Thanks!

  2. Hi Lia!!!
    I wanted to thank you for the Printeable Calendar for 2014. I’m very picky about what I like and I’ve even run out of ink for my printer to get it done!! It was soooo worth it!! ( I didn’t have very much ink left anyway, it’s not your design that caused that LOL!!.. I’l be back to this site often, I really like your style!!! happy New year!! all the best, Josephine

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing Jo! I thought about including a version that did not have all of the black. I ran out of time. Happy it worked for you anyway. :-)

  3. Somehow thru your post for today (12/31/13) I was able to find these other projects and posts, so glad. I could just hang out at your blog and have plenty to do, you inspire me so much Lia, time and again. I’m hoping to try one of your flower tutorials and printables sometime this winter.
    I have to be in right frame of mind, feeling calm to attempt something like that. I want to do flower project justice when I do make one. If I do well on it then I’ll feel good about making another flower, using good paper.
    Here it’s New Years Eve and I’m seeking your wonderful projects and hubs is snoozing in his chair with our cat on his lap. He caught some kind of bug. We don’t do anything anymore on this night so it’s no biggie for us. Just another Tuesday night. We had our time when we had fun, went out. Hope you’re having a great time tonight whatever you’re doing.
    Wishing you and your beautiful daughter Happy New Year, good health and happiness.

    • Thanks for the wishes JaneEllen. I have to say that one of my favorite flower paper is old pages from a dictionary. I made a good handful of roses from this paper is they are all gorgeous. The rose is… believe it or not, one of the easiest and you can use the video tutorial and follow along. Let me know how it goes. :-)

  4. Thank you Lia!!! Will do this for myself also! Love your work!

  5. These are fabulous! Those dang metal clips trip me up every time…I’ll have to try your technique and see if I can get it as perfect as yours. :) I should make a black and white set for my kitchen grocery lists and school papers. I found mini 5×7 clipboards at the Dollar Tree that will be perfect! (Looks like you’re having great fun with that new printer!)

    Lisa :)

    • Yes, do try! The little clipboards as great because you can use just one sheet of label paper. I actually printed these out weeks ago with my inkjet printer, but am loving how the colors pop with the laser.

  6. Wow this one is just so awesome Lia. I would surely try this out. Its a request can we get a complete picture of your office, showing all the sections in it. I am so in love with your office already.

  7. Another wonderful creation. I just love all your creative ideas Lia! In fact, I just made your feather the other day. TFS all your ideas, you’re such an inspiration!

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