Have you been able to try a laser cutter for your crafting? 

I use the Glowforge Pro in my studio for personal projects. I love the things I can make with this jumbo machine.

And, how many times have I wished every crafter could have one in their studio? But, maybe it could be a bit smaller . . . less of an investment.

Well. . . You can imagine my excitement when Glowforge gave me a sneak peek at their new machine. It is the first Laser Cutter for crafters, JUST LIKE YOU!

It is easy to use at home for your personal craft projects. . . which means. . . it is smaller, lighter, and has a much lower price tag than their larger (and amazing) machines!

This little Glowforge is perfectly named Aura. I could not have named her better myself.

The Aura has a tray to fit 12×12 materials easily, is easy to pick up and move around, and is compact enough to perfectly on an Ikea Alex flat drawer unit.

So here is the deal: Glowforge sent me the Aura, air filter, and a stack of their Proofgrade materials to see what I thought. Of course, I jumped on the option to help them shout out the good news.

So, we quickly made FIVE adorable laser versions of some of our favorite projects to test their Proofgrade materials and our wool-blend felt. You can find all the projects we have made with the Glowforge here. 

And yes, we have made videos for all five projects! We want you to get the full experience.

You can watch the first two, then stay tuned as we release the last three in the next few weeks.

Let’s see how the little Aura performs! And once we have cut the materials in the videos, you can get the steps for assembling each project.

This 5 part video mini-series includes:

  1. “Light Your Aura” Iron-On Tee (new design)
  2. Leather 3-D Rose (updated design)
  3. Acrylic Cacti Coaster Set (original version. . . with edits for the acrylic)
  4. Wood Standing Deer (original version. . . but we made some edits for the thicker wood)
  5. Felt Ginkgo Leaf Wreath (original version) with different colors of wool blend felt

I am excited to test out more materials, all of our papers included, and let you know the results.

What do you think? What would you like to see cut on this new Glowforge Aura? ~Lia