We’re very excited to introduce this Cardstock Paper Strawflower to the Lia Griffith flower gallery. Like the Kangaroo Paw included in this month’s collection, this little beauty is also a native of Australia. We love having a variety of flowers from all over the world on our site so you can enjoy them year-round, no matter where you happen to live. 

We recommend a cutting machine for the number of flower shapes you’ll need, but you can cut them by hand, also. Ready to get started crafting this sunny, funny flower? Gather the materials listed below, and let’s go!

Good As Gold

Also known as the Golden Everlasting, the strawflower is a sturdy little plant that can grow in various habitats. Due to its long bloom cycle, the strawflower is also widely known as a symbol of immortality. Typically golden yellow in color, the blooms can also grow in shades of pink, orange, white, and red. To add depth to our yellow variety, I used the Tombow markers to deepen the color at the center of the flower. Applying this same technique to any color cardstock strawflower you choose is sure to up the wow factor!

If you’re new to paper flower making, then you’ll really enjoy this craft. While this paper strawflower may look complex, the petal sets stack easily onto the wire stem, and shaping with the steel ball tool makes things move along quite quickly. I think these would look perfect as single stems in a bud vase, but they pair especially well with lavender and cosmos for a colorful wildflower arrangement.

We’d love to see how you styled your cardstock strawflowers, so be sure to share your photos with us in our crafters community. You can also hashtag #MadeWithLia to post on Instagram as well.

Skill: Beginner