Our Christmas floristic crepe collection has 10 colors, and we used 6 to create these Christmas tree cones. The line includes 3 shades of green, so we used each of those, plus Snowflake, Gold Satin and Silver Bells. You are also welcome to use the red tones too if that matches better with your holiday home decor! Once you have you crepe, you can start cutting your leaves. Download the PDF template below, which will indicate the grain of the crepe as you cut. Other than crepe paper, you will also need cones to use as the base for the trees. We used a combination of foam cones (we like FloraCraft brand) and paper mache cones (we like ArtMinds brand), both of which you can find at your local craft store.

After you have your leaves trimmed, start attaching them to your cones with a low temperature hot glue gun. There are three sizes of leaves in the template. The basic technique is to start at the bottom of the cone with the largest leaves and then work your way up to the top. Take a look at our photo tutorial for reference! When you finish your Christmas tree cones, use them to style your mantelpiece or end tables. You can also create a cute little centerpiece for your dining room table. Let the craft inspire you!

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