DIY Wreaths

Metallic Paper DIY Wreaths:

DIY Wreaths

image-1We have made a ton of wreaths using text weight metallic papers. The lightweight paper can give it a delicate look and the glittery sheen reflects the light in a beautiful way. Evergreen is the most common wreath botanical for Christmas, and we designed our evergreen wreath with red beads for holly berries. If you want to add a little mistletoe into the mix, our holly and mistletoe wreath lovingly adorns a burlap wreath form for a rustic touch. The teal, plum and gold tones used in the mixed leaf wreath make this one the perfect DIY wreath to carry you from Fall to Winter!

For those more interested in a classic Christmas wreath with a bright red and green color scheme, our papercut berry design will definitely inspire the papercrafter in you. DIY wreaths should express your personal style, and you know how much we love our warm metallic tones at Lia Griffith HQ. Our all-gold wreath is a wonderful option if you want something other than the traditional color combo. Making a DIY wreath can be a bit of a time commitment, so for anyone looking to add some festive accents to their home or office without too much effort, our mini botanical wreaths are your best bet.

Crepe Paper DIY Wreaths:

DIY wreaths

dscf6360Crepe paper is a perfect material for making stunningly realistic botanicals. For a minimalist look, we love the laurel leaf wreath and the metallic leaf wreath for Christmas decor. This is especially great for creating an indoor holiday display. To go for a fuller, more inviting door wreath, the magnolia leaf wreath provides aesthetic depth with various shades of green. We also added to this by combing our heavy floristic crepe with text weight metallic paper. Some of the best DIY wreaths are the kind that can act as a bold first impression when guests arrive to your home, and for this there is nothing better than a paper poinsettia wreath.


Felt DIY Wreaths:

Felt WreathFelt is the coziest material you can use to make a winter wreath. It really captures the essence of the colder months! Last year we made a frosty white felt wreath that we were ogling over for months. This wreath is perfect for anyone trying to achieve a snowy Christmas decor concept. If you want to go for something a little more simple, a felt holly wreath is a great way to bring in some color and even some gold accents. Christmastime is a wonderful opportunity to do some crafting with your kids, and for anyone looking for an activity to make DIY wreaths, we recommend making felt ball wreaths. It’s an easy project that can help the kids explore their creativity. And the result is a fun piece of decor that you can use past Christmas!


We hope this list helps you choose which wreath is right for you and your holiday decor! Browse all of our Christmas projects for more inspiration, or head to our membership page to start crafting these up with us. Next we’ll be sharing some of our favorite holiday home decor projects, plus gift wrapping tips for making pretty packages. Happy Holidays! ~ Lia and the Team