Flower Wedding BackdropA Handmade Blooming Backdrop for a Gorgeous Event

Having a show-stopping floral backdrop at your wedding can be easier than you might think. If you are planning a DIY wedding, then this is the ultimate project for you. The benefit of making your own backdrop, of course, is that you can customize it in any way that you want. Plus, the result is a beautiful piece of art that you can save after your special day. Use your flower wedding backdrop for future events, or even as decor in your first home together as a married couple!

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  1. Gather tools and materials listed above.
  2. Print the PDF template below for each of the flowers and leaves. Use these templates as a guide for cutting your crepe pieces. 
  3. Craft the Icelandic poppy, cosmo and mum blooms according to their individual project instructions. 
  4. Tie strips of organza ribbon onto one birch branch.
  5. Trim the floral wires on the blooms to about 1 inch. Poke them through the ribbon, then secure the back of the bloom to the ribbon with hot glue. Trim the rest of the floral wire away, or coil them against the ribbon in a corkscrew shape.
  6. Tie the bottom ends of the ribbon pieces to another birch branch, then hang the backdrop. 


Our crepe flower wedding backdrop includes three different blooms: Icelandic poppies, mums and cosmos. You can find the individual tutorials within those posts, but you can download the complete PDF template for this backdrop below. The most time consuming part of making this backdrop is crafting the flowers – you may want to enlist a few helping hands to assist in cutting the petals! We used 20 gauge wire for a thinner option (we usually use 18 gauge for bouquets), but it doesn’t particularly matter. When you are tying the ribbon to your birch branches, feel free to secure the ribbon pieces with some extra hot glue. There are so many ways to customize this project to fit your specific event or style, so get creative!

Start by deciding what size you would like your backdrop to be. Our birch branches were about 5 feet long, but you can find them in various sizes. Next, choose your color palette. We created an ombre design going from light to dark, but you can easily make this in a more monochromatic theme. After crafting your flowers, arrange the blooms in any way that you would like. 

Get Inspired!

Once you finish, browse the rest of our DIY wedding projects for more inspiration. One of our favorites to pair with this backdrop is a beautiful heart shaped piΓ±ata, which we also made with crepe. Find all of our wedding backdrops, or head to our membership page to start crafting with us. If you aren’t sure what to do with your flower backdrop after your wedding is over, consider giving the blooms to your guests as favors! Each guest can pull one from your DIY flower garden on their way out as a way to remember your special night. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily DIY ideas, or leave a comment with project requests and suggestions for what you’d like to see next. We love seeing your project photos, so please share them with us using #DIYDreamingWithLia. Enjoy! ~ Lia & Team

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