Crepe Paper MumsSince releasing our extra fine crepe line, we have been going back and giving some of our classic flower designs an “extra fine” update. The beauty of the extra fine crepe is that it has a delicate appearance, just like real flower petals. This also means that more intricate details are captured with the thinner material. Do you see how my previous crepe mum blooms and leaves look a bit bulky with the deep grooves of the heavy crepe? Here are our redesigned crepe paper mums featuring the extra fine crepe in Sangria, one of my favorite colors for fall. The spiky, open blooms are absolutely enticing!

We chose Sangria for our mums but these would also look gorgeous in Cranberry or Aubergine. We paired the blooms with leaves from our garden roses in Cypress and Green Tea. Print the PDF template as a guide for cutting your crepe pieces. Always remember to cut your crepe with the grain, as indicated in the pattern. Both the petal template and flower center template have a “fold line.” This means that you should fold the crepe in half, line the template up with the fold line and cut both layers of crepe according to the template. Once you have your materials ready, follow the photo tutorial below or use the printable instructions to craft your crepe paper mums.

An important note – there are two copies of the pattern in the download. This doesn’t mean you should use both! Because you have to trim 18 of the petal pieces for each bloom, the template can get a little worn as you are cutting. I included two copies so you can have one on stand-by in case you accidentally cut through the first one. When you are making these crepe paper mums, you can use any thickness of floral wire. We specifically used 18 gauge wire. Browse all of our crepe paper flower projects, or head to the shop to pick out papers! We also have metallic paper mums to play around with other materials. You can always write in with any questions you have during your projects, or send us your suggestions for projects you’d like to see on the site. Good luck & enjoy! ~ Lia and the Team

Crepe Paper MumsCrepe Paper MumsCrepe Paper Mums