DIY_Crepe_Paper_AnemoneRegulars will know that paper flower making is top of my crafting passions. It’s something I adore throwing myself into and I get such a kick out of creating something beautiful out of nothing but a sheet of paper or two – swooooon! I like to try my designs in different papers and am always surprised by the way a paper flower can look totally different depending on which paper you use. There are always little tweaks I have to make, either to the design or the tutorial in order to get it looking just right, but for me that’s part of the fun.

My paper anemone is the perfect example. I have made this beautiful bloom in felt, metallic paper, water color print paper and tissue paper and each has such a unique quality to it. To round my anemone designs out, today I am sharing the crepe paper version. To make this newest version of my paper anemones, simply download the pattern at the foot of this post and then follow the tutorial below. Use a good quality crepe paper.  You will also need a low temperature glue gun, scissors, floral tape and floral wire. If you love paper or felt flower making, I’d love to see your versions of my paper flowers so please do share your pictures with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I’ll share my favorites. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Click here for our beginner’s guide on how to make crepe paper flowers.

Anemone_DIY_Crepe_Paper Crepe_Paper_Anemone_DIYCrepe_Anemone_Flower_Tutorial