Part of making paper flowers and paper flower bouquets is learning how to make paper leaves. These crepe paper hosta leaves are fun to use in your home decor or add to your floral arrangements. Plus they are easy to make!

To get started, gather the tools and materials listed below. Then download our painting guide and follow our video tutorial to craft your own hosta leaves.

painted crepe paper hosta leaves

Host-a Fun Craft Night

These crepe paper hosta leaves would be such a fun project for craft night with your family or friends. It’s also simple enough for it to be a virtual activity. The shape is very easy to cut by hand, so you don’t need a cutting machine to craft this project. And the painting part can be very therapeutic!

Ready to start crafting? You can use our video tutorial and paint guide to replicate what we did — or experiment with your paint colors and see what happens. When you are done making your crepe paper hosta leaves, you can mix them into a bouquet, frame them to hang on a wall, or use them in a table setting. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are always happy to help you with any project. And be sure to share your gorgeous creations with us by emailing, posting to our Facebook page for members, or tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram.

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crepe paper hosta leaves framed art
painted crepe paper hosta leaves
painted crepe paper hosta leaves framed art
DIY painted crepe paper hosta leaves framed art
painted crepe paper hosta leaves

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