As July ushers in the heat of summer, we're so thrilled to present a project that will transport you to a lush, tropical paradise: the Crepe Paper Leucadendron. This exquisite paper flower, with its vibrant colors and striking form, will not only add a touch of safari elegance to your home decor, but its unique and bold appearance also makes the Leucadendron a perfect centerpiece for your summer crafting.

Lush Leucadendron

This advanced-level project is perfect for members with a broad knowledge of crafting and crafting techniques. However, if you're looking for a fun DIY challenge, this is a great project to try, no matter your skill level. Also, we wholeheartedly encourage you to lean on your cutting machine for this project. These tools will beautifully render the intricate shapes of our Crepe Paper Leucadendron petals and leaves, ensuring your flowers achieve a professional finish.

The Leucadendron, also known as the Conebush, hails from the diverse and beautiful landscapes of South Africa. Leucadendrons are renowned for their resilience, thriving in harsh conditions and blooming with vibrant colors ranging from deep reds to bright yellows. Thus, these stunning flowers are symbols of strength and beauty — qualities we hope to capture in our crepe paper version.

We used our luxurious double-sided crepe paper in Strawberry & Tulip and Ferns & Moss to create this gorgeous Crepe Paper Leucadendron. The double-sided paper adds depth and realism to your petals, mimicking the natural gradients found in the Leucadendron. For shaping the petals, the curling and steel ball shaping tools will be your best friends, helping you achieve the natural curves and folds that make the Leucadendron so distinctive.

Once complete, your Leucadendron can be arranged in a vase for a stunning centerpiece, added to a summer wreath, or incorporated into a bouquet for a touch of exotic elegance. If you're looking to add a bit more of the luxurious Leucadendron, take a look at this frosted paper version.

We can't wait to see your stunning Crepe Paper Leucadendron creations! Your creativity and craftsmanship are what make our crafting community so special. So remmember to share your beautiful flowers with us in our crafters' community or on Instagram using #MadeWithLia. Let's celebrate the beauty of summer together, one flower at a time.