Magnolias are traditionally a very “American” flower. I originally designed this crepe paper magnolia bouquet as a centerpiece for my 4th of July celebration that was featured on The Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda. After making the bouquet, I decided that I wanted to wait until the extra fine crepe paper line was ready for purchase to share the pattern. Well, that day has finally come and I could not be more excited! Visit our online craft store to shop our crepe paper!

Crepe Paper Magnolia Bouquet

Usually, I like to design flowers that capture the beauty of the bloom as it appears in nature. In order to do this, I try to make them look as realistic as possible. But sometimes you just have to have fun with it!

I wanted to add metallic accents to my crepe paper magnolia bouquet, so that is exactly what I did. For these flowers, you can make your own double-sided paper or use my double-sided crepe paper. You will also need 18-gauge floral wire, gold floral tape, and 20mm cotton spun balls. I also mixed in a few copper and gold leaves made from text weight metallic paper.



If you are making your own double-sided paper, you will need:


To make your crepe paper magnolia bouquet, start by downloading the PDF template below. This will be your guide for cutting your crepe pieces.

Magnolia petals are much larger than other flower petals, so I decided to use a fusing technique with stitch witchery to thicken up the crepe. To create some visual depth in my magnolias, I prefer double-sided crepe paper. To make your own, fuse the White crepe with the Vanilla. Cut a sheet of fusible bonding web the same size as your crepe sheets and stick it between the two pieces of crepe. Use an iron to melt the fabric glue. Once it is melted, the crepe is fused!

You can also use this technique to create your own double-sided crepe for other projects. Now you can cut your crepe petals according to the template and follow the step-by-step photo tutorial.

To make the additional leaves we added to this bouquet, check out our paper leaf chandelier for the pattern.

Crepe Paper Magnolia BouquetCrepe Paper MagnoliaExplore More

Use your crepe paper magnolia bouquet for your outdoor entertaining or for your DIY home décor! Or, you can easily make single blooms to use as gift toppers. Browse the rest of our crepe paper crafts, and stay tuned for tons of new crepe flower projects in the next few weeks.

Now that our extra fine crepe line is ready to purchase, the sky is the limit! And don’t forget that I love seeing your project photos. Use the hashtag #MadeWithLia so that I can admire all of your lovely creations. Cheers! ~ Lia & team