This cute crepe mini pincushion protea flower makes a beautiful filler when arranging a tropical crepe paper flower arrangement. Because we love it so much we decided to update the template and give it a refresh from our original design from six years ago. We are always leaning new techniques, so integrating them into our favorite flowers is a must!

On Pins and Needles…

This simple flower is a wonderful way to fine tune your fringing techniques, since all of the tiny petals are made from the fringed heavy crepe paper. For this version, I chose to use the heavy crepe paper since it has a wonderful stiffness which will hold the shape of the tiny petals.

You can choose from any of the orange tones of heavy crepe, and feel free to mix and match. My tip for picking colors is to choose a lighter tone for the tips and shorter fringe.

If you enjoy making tropical crepe paper flowers, be sure to check out all of these colorful options. And once you have them made, you can join us for our next Arranging Paper Flowers Master Class where we feature these pretty little blooms.




  1. Gather your tools and materials.
  2. Cut the crepe paper according to the template notes.
  3. Stretch the “fringe tip” piece, then fold it in half lengthwise and across the grain.
  4. Glue the edge of the larger fringe piece on one half of the stretched tip piece.
    (full photo tutorial in the download below)


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