Tropical Crepe Paper Flowers

 Advanced  60min +

Crepe Paper Pincushion Protea

 Beginner  60min

VIDEO: Crepe Paper Plumeria Flower (Frangipani)

 Advanced  60min

May 2023 Member Make: Crepe Paper Double Hibiscus

 Intermediate  60min +

May 2021 Member Make: Crepe Paper Bird of Paradise

crepe paper hibiscus flowers
 Intermediate  60min +

May Member Make: Crepe Paper Hibiscus

crepe paper ginger flower arrangement
 Beginner  --

Crepe Paper Ginger Flower

heavy crepe paper hibiscus flowers with green ribbon and scissors
 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Heavy Crepe Paper Hibiscus (Starter Pattern)

Crepe Paper Hibiscus Lei

Paper Anthurium & Leaves

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