For my Fall porch makeover, I knew I needed a special door mat. I see me porch in two sections, the sitting area with the rocking chairs and the front door. I was able to find some pretty plum floral to make new pillow for the robin’s egg blue rocking chairs that incorporated enough color to coordinate with my fall look. My door being the dark teal blue with the added purple in the mix was a color palette mix that needed to be pulled together for this area. I took my pillow fabric to the local hardware store to pick paint colors. Spray paint is limited so I bought a deep purple, raspberry for the plum, teal blue, sage green, metallic copper and metallic gold. I knew that the natural sisal color would change the tones slightly. Knowing from past door mat projects that tape lets the spray seep for a blurry line, I decided to try a different method. I cut 6 pieces of chipboard the length of the short edge of the mat making sure at least one edge was the straight cut. I then used the boards, two at a time to line up a stripe that would be painted. One piece would lie flat and I held the other vertical with the straight edge pressed into the sisal. I then sprayed that edge for a crisp line. I then switched boards, laying the first flat and the second vertical and sprayed that edge of the stripe. I then moved to the next stripe changing width and color. The results were crisp and clean stripes that looked perfect! Though I free formed this rug, you can easily mark with tape or pen where you want your stripes prior to painting. You can even make a small drawing to plan your color order. To see the photos of the complete porch tour, visit this post. For the full tutorial for the hydrangea paper wreath see this post. Cheers! ~ Lia

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