I have such fun making things from crepe paper and getting a set of the metallic crepes made my heart flutter. You may remember my copper crepe paper acorns from a few weeks ago. These I used in my Thanksgiving table centerpiece. While I was making these I also started the crepe paper pinecone pattern which I am sharing with you here today! I plan to use these pretty pinecones for my handmade woodland Christmas tree. So far I have made them in the copper crepe and plan to make a matching set in the gold foil crepe as well. You can find all of these papers in our shop. Each roll will make a large pile of pinecones or other pretty projects to it is a great investment to your craft materials. You can download and print the template below. Each pattern piece only needs on cut in crepe, except the tear drop shapes which will need 30-40 depending on how close you glue them onto the foam balls. I am back to Christmas crafting. . . Enjoy! ~ Lia