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Since tropical flowers don’t bloom here in the Pacific Northwest, we love to craft our own versions of these pretty flowers. After making many versions of this tropical flower out of paper, this is the first time we’ve made a felt hibiscus! If you’re interested in our other designs, you can see them all here

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Watch the felt hibiscus video tutorial below, or follow along with these written instructions:

  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Then download the flower pattern listed on the right hand side at the top of this post.
  2. Cut your felt according to the pattern. Finely fringe the yellow piece for the stamen and the pink piece for the stamen 4 times. Use pinking shears on the green half circle on the curved side.
  3. Color the inner parts of the hibiscus petals with pink marker, dabbing excess ink off on a piece of scrap paper. Color the fringed end of the pink stamen on both sides.
  4. Wrap the pink stamen center around the end of a length of green cloth wire tightly and glue.
  5. Wrap and glue the yellow fringed stamen around the center, just below the fringe of the pink piece, about two times. Ruffle the fringe outward.
  6. Color the base of the center piece with pink marker.
  7. Space out and glue the petals evenly from the center of the flower, slightly overlapping each piece. Bend each petal outward.
  8. Form the green half circle into a cone and glue. Slip the end of the floral wire through the hole at the bottom and glue to the base of the flower.
  9. Glue the hibiscus leaves to the ends of more floral wires and bend.
  10. To add more to your felt hibiscus arrangement, you can make a palm leaf by wrapping and gluing the base of the skinny palm leaves around a length of floral wire, alternating sides.


We recommend choosing a higher quality felt if you are making flowers so they will stay looking nice. When you are making these flowers, adding the marker detailing is not necessary, but we find it adds a pretty touch of visual depth. It can be difficult to space the petals evenly when you are attaching them around the center, but luckily nothing in nature is perfect!


What Next?

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