Feather_Boho_Jewelry_DIYWe are getting a little giddy over handmade jewelry at the moment and have a ton of projects and inspiration that we plan to share with you over the next few months. None of us in the studio are seasoned jewelry makers so all our projects will be simple to achieve and great to wear. Handmade jewelry makes a great, inexpensive treat for yourself or is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. We kicked off our jewelry series with this gorgeous felt ball necklace and continue it today with these gorgeous leather feather earrings and necklace which we made in an afternoon. We picked up a small bundle of leather scraps from our local fabric store which make just the most perfect feathers for our earrings and necklace. We have provided templates below for members which you can resize if you want to go a little bigger or smaller. We cut our leather with regular fabric scissors and added the gold detail using a great new product we found – a gold leaf pen – which is super easy to use and looks amazing on the leather. The gold drop beads on the front of the earrings and necklace were put together using a mix of chain, beads and wire. All you need to create this part of the jewelry is a pair of jewelry pliers and a steady hand so don’t be put off – it’s very easy to achieve and is super satisfying to make something so unique.

Leather_Boho_Necklace_DIY Boho_Leather_Earrings_DIY Simple_Leather_Feather_Earring_DIY Gold_Tipped_Leather_Feather_Earrings DIY_Boho_Earrings_Necklace

The team and I are utterly in love. Use our images below to inspire your own leather feather earrings and necklace then share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #MadeWithLia hashtag. Enjoy! ~ Lia & team