When we think of macrame, we often think of home decor projects like wall hangings. But you can use this crafting technique to make so many things, including jewelry and accessories. Today we are sharing our DIY macrame key chain, which is a great craft project for both kids and adults. So if you’re planning a crafty afternoon with family or friends, try this idea out!

Overall, these key chains are very easy to make and a quick craft as well. If you’re new to macrame, our macrame key chain should take you about 20–30 minutes to make. Just follow the tutorial below and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

Crafty Key Chains

You can use your macrame key chain as a pretty purse accessory, to personalize your handbag (or backpack), or to make your keys stand out. To further customize your key chain, paint a wooden bead using your favorite color of acrylic paint. Since it will take about 15–20 minutes to dry, you can paint your bead first to save some time.

Some other stylish key chains you can craft are our leather tassel key chains or our handpainted keychains. For more cutesy key chains, take a look at our citrus pom-pom key chains and our cherry pom-pom key chains.

Enjoy! And be sure to share photos of your finished projects with us using #MadeWithLia. ~ Lia and team

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How to  Make a Macrame Key Chain

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Note: The PDF with instructions will show you examples of each macrame knot.
  2. Cut four strings at two feet in length. Fold each string in half and tie a larks head knot around the key chain with each string.
  3. Separate the strings into working cords and filler cords; the four middle strings will be your filler cords and the two on either end are your working cords.
  4. Tie five alternating square knots using the two sets of working cords.

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DIY photo tutorial for macrame key chain by Lia Griffith

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