DIY MonkeyIf you’ve been following the Chinese zodiac, you will know that 2016 is the year of the monkey. In honor of this year’s animal we decided to make this adorable DIY monkey felt stuffie! As you may have noticed, our illustrator Krista has a real knack for designing these precious DIY kid’s toys. Take a look at our DIY Felt Dog, Felt Owl, and Felt Penguin to make a whole set of these cuties!

Below you will find the PDF template and step-by-step tutorial to make this DIY monkey stuffie, complete with his own little banana treat. Begin by printing the template and choosing your favorite felt colors. We used Benzie Design’s wool blend felt and chose the colors Latte for the body and Seaside for the face, tummy, feet, and ears. For the nose and mouth we used a simple black color, and then Blush for his rosy little cheeks. Complete the face with two black buttons and you have yourself a 5-inch monkey friend! We then used felt in the color Golden to add the pint-sized banana in his hands. Too adorable!

Once you’ve gotten your felt, you will want to pick up some poly-fill and colored embroidery floss at your local craft store. Beginner seamstresses and sewers need not fear! All you’ll need for whipping up this project is a simple running stitch and blanket stitch. We’ve named him Bongo the Monkey, but feel free to get creative with naming your own animal friend. This could even be a great project for introducing your little ones to the fundamentals of sewing. So grab your materials and your favorite kiddo and start planning an afternoon of crafting!

If you’re planning a Chinese New Year celebration, check out our DIY Chinese Lanterns or Printable Red Envelopes for the perfect paper party decorations. I always love seeing your fabulous creations and I know everyone else would love to see them too! Share your photos with me on Instagram using the hashtag #DIYDreamingWithLia or by emailing them in at, and I’ll post my favorites on Facebook. Cheers! ~Lia

DIY Monkey Stuffie

DIY Monkey Stuffie

DIY Monkey Tutorial