Here Comes the Sun

Summer is upon us!!! The sun is shining today, and that definitely warrants a couple of extra exclamation points. Now that sunglasses season is finally here, we are sharing a super simple tutorial for making a no sew DIY sunglasses case. We have been creating more projects with leather recently and thought it was the perfect material for making a chic glasses pouch that is still very affordable. Plus you can finish this project in a matter of minutes! 

Tools & Material

  • Scissors
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Needle or Awl
  • Leather (about 10 x 16″)
  • Round Leather Cording
  • Flat Leather Cording


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut your leather of choice according to the PDF template at the bottom of the post. 
  3. Cut three 1″ pieces of round leather cording and one 4″. Then cut one 4″ length of flat leather cording.
  4. Glue the three 1″ round leather strings together at one end. 
  5. Take the 4″ round leather string and glue it to the three that are already glued together. Make sure that all of your ends are even and that you are always gluing in the same spot. Fold the 4″ string over, leaving a loop above and lining the end up with the others. Glue into place. 
  6. Glue one end of the flat 4″ leather string just above the ends of the other strings and on the loop.
  7. Wrap the string around about three times moving down and gluing into place. Cut off any excess string.
  8. Tie the tassel onto the end of a 12″ piece of the round leather cording.
  9. Lay the leather out flat, inside facing up. Make three holes according to the template with a needle or awl. Then thread the cording with your tassel on it up and through the hole in the left tab. 
  10. Pull both tabs in and thread the cording down through the other tab.
  11. Pull the bottom tab up and thread down through it. Tie a knot at the end of your cording to secure it. 
  12. Pull your cording tight, then lull it down and wrap it around the sunglasses pouch twice. Finally, tuck the tassel under the wrapped cording to hold it closed. 

Follow the photo tutorial below for a visual guide to crafting a DIY sunglasses case!


Although leather items might be expensive at clothing stores, buying leather scraps is actually really inexpensive. Head to your local leather store or craft store to find a scrap piece of genuine leather that costs only a few dollars! You should also be able to find a nice selection of colors so that you can make a pouch that reflects your individual tastes. You will need to print the pattern on 11 x 17 size paper, so find a piece of leather that is only slightly smaller than this. When you are cutting the leather, you will want to use the sharpest scissors that you have. 

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