Moving can be a lot of work, but it’s also exciting to be in a new space and imagine the possibilities for it. We’ve been busy decorating our rooms, hallways, and entryways with new crafts and DIY projects, which has been so much fun! And, as you may have seen, we finally created our dream craft room. But, let’s be honest, our work here will never truly be done! Since our team is full of creatives, we will always be thinking of new ways to change the look of our space—both indoor and out. And speaking of our outdoor space…I can’t wait to share these DIY tropical outdoor pillows with you!

Patio furniture with tropical outdoor pillows and dog on tropical outdoor cushion

Brighten Up Your Backyard

Since I absolutely love the tropical look, I was really excited to tackle this pillow-making project. I worked with my friends over at Spoonflower to make these tropical outdoor pillows. The bright, bold colors really liven up our outdoor furniture. And they also make good dog beds! My dog Enzo has to have a bed available everywhere he goes, so naturally, I had to make a tropical pillow just for him.

We created four tropical designs for these outdoor pillows. They’re made out of Eco Canvas, which is a synthetic, durable material that’s perfect for the outdoors. The pillow designs also print nicely on this material.

To make these tropical outdoor pillows, we used the Fill-a-Yard option on Spoonflower’s site. If you don’t want a full yard of one type of fabric, Fill-a-Yard is a great way to save money. Fill-a-Yard also makes it easy to create double-sided pillows like the ones you see here in our photos. So if you want to change the look of a room quickly, just turn your pillow around! This is also a good option if you only want to make a few pillows. When designing with Fill-a-Yard, you can select either a horizontal or vertical pattern for your pillows. One yard of fabric will be enough to make two pillows.

Ready to design your own tropical outdoor pillows? It’s easy! Just follow our tutorial below.

Tutorial for easy DIY outdoor pillows

Close-up of tropical outdoor cushion with sleeping dog Close-up of tropical outdoor pillow in woven basket