Crafting the Orchids & Assembling Wreath

Follow the instructions above for crafting the orchid blooms for your wreath. After you make the orchids, you can begin assembling your DIY tropical wreath. 


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut the orchid pieces according to the pattern using a cutting machine, scissors or craft knife.
  3. For the center piece of the orchid, dab on color with a yellow marker along the edges and center for a spotty look.
  4. Lightly draw lines going outward from the middle of the petals with green marker. Add more color in the centers and blend out with a colorless blender.
  5. Cut leaves onto multiple shades of green cardstock for variety.
  6. Add color detailing and shading to the leaves with art markers. 
  7. Curl your leaves with the edge of your scissors to add movement and dimension. 
  8. Arrange your finished leaves around your hoop and secure with hot glue. 

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Wreath Tips

To make the leaves look more realistic with added visual interest, we recommend looking up photos of tropical leaves as a guide. Shade your paper leaves according to the photos – that’s exactly what our maker Krista did for this paper tropical wreath! Along the centers and tips of the leaves, use a color that is darker than the paper you are using. Then, use a white blender marker for highlights on the bigger leaves. They are a bit shiny in real life, so the white will give it that slightly waxy look. When you’re ready to assemble your DIY tropical wreath, pick one focal point where you will cluster your orchids, then build the leaves out from there. 

Discover your Island Inspiration

If you are feeling inspired to add more tropical accents into your life, don’t miss our crepe hibiscus tutorial. A big hibiscus bloom could be a great addition to this wreath! Learn how to make a tropical leaf garland or a colorful pineapple art piece as other seasonal home decor ideas. Do you have any tropical DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments and we can try to bring them to life! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses of our newest projects, or visit our membership page to start crafting with us. See you there! ~ Lia & Team