Valentines_Day_StarburstDuring the holidays, we shared a post about decorating for a modern holiday. We created a star burst wall art to add some fun DIY drama in a palette of golds. Many of you commented and asked for the tutorial. Our busy holiday schedule pushed this post back, but we decided to make a new star burst for our upcoming Valentine’s Day decor. This time, we are sharing our step-by-step tutorial which you can find below, so you can make this easy art for any occasion in any color palette to suit your room decor. For this project we used three different colors of metallic papers. I personally prefer to work with a text weight rather than a heavier card stock as the cones form smoothly without any forced folds. All of our paper is from where you can buy small 25-50 sheet packs of each color. For the Valentine’s Day version we used Ruby, Red Lacquer and Juniper. Of course this piece would be gorgeous in any color and even just one color for all of the pieces. For the gold one I used Antique Gold, Pure Gold and Gold Leaf. Have fun with this and add a little burst to your event or home decor. Cheers ~ Lia

Paper_Wall_Art Starburst_Wall_Art_Tutorial