Acorn Pillow

Start your acorn pillow by picking out your felt. You can use a wool blend felt or a pure wool felt. Either way, I would recommend picking out a high quality felt for any home decor project. We chose a classic color scheme for our acorn and leaf, but feel free to choose colors that match your specific home decor. This acorn design would make for a super cute monochromatic pillow as well. You also want to make sure that the felt colors match the color of your throw pillow. When picking your throw, keep in mind that you need a pillow that opens (either by zipper or button) so you can do your stitching on the inside of the pillow case.

Download the PDF template to use as a guide for cutting your felt. We included two sizes so you can choose which works best with your particular pillow. Pick out some matching embroidery floss and use the step-by-step photo tutorial to help you with your stitches. Once you finish your acorn pillow, you can browse all of our seasonal home decor projects! Some of my favorite fall decor projects are our velvet pumpkin, felt leaf garland or gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece.




Acorn PillowAcorn Pillow

Acorn Pillow Tutorial