Cactus PincushionAn Easy Felt Cactus Project for Sewing Lovers

My team and I have been on a bit of a cactus kick ever since we started brainstorming Cinco de Mayo crafts. We first shared our impossibly adorable crepe paper cactus plants and our paper cactus garland perfect for summer parties and barbecues. Now we’re continuing this theme with our felt cactus pincushion! There are so many reasons why I absolutely love this project. As you probably know, I love creating felt crafts. This project is also much easier than it looks, which is always a great quality for DIY projects! Best of all, this cactus pincushion project is multi-functional. Its main purpose is to be a pincushion for your sewing table, but it is also a fantastic piece of colorful home or office decor on its own. Love! 

To make our felt cactus pincushion, we used five colors of felt. You can choose any colors that will match your specific decor scheme, but make sure that you pick up felt for the pot, soil, cactus, flower, and flower center. After you have your felt, download and print out the PDF template below. Cut out each piece of the template and use them as a guide for cutting your felt. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below as you sew your cactus pincushion together. Members can also reference the downloadable instructions for a more detailed description! The trick is to stuff the cactus with as much poly-fill as possible to make the cactus firm. Cactus pincushions that we have seen in the past often have terra cotta pots, but we decided that we wanted to make our pot out of felt. Once we finished sewing the felt cactus together, we added sewing pins with yellow heads for a cute colorful accent!  

This simple cactus pincushion is a great way to brighten up your sewing table, or a wonderful gift idea for a housewarming party or teacher appreciation. I would love to see the variations of this pincushion that you come up with, so feel free to share photos with me! Send them in to, or tag me in your Instagram photos. I can’t wait to see your fabulous creations and share them on my Facebook page! See you soon ~ Lia & Team

Felt CactusCactus Pincushion

Cactus Pincushion Tutorial