Well, we couldn't let a collection go by without adding a little stuffie love, now could we? While we're all about celebrating our pets this month, we must remember our adorable felt friends as well. Inspired by our office dog, Jake, this sweet handmade Felt Corgi is just so cute he'll make you want to wag your tail! Besides, who doesn’t love Corgis?

Hello Corgeous

If you have some stitching experience, this project is tailor-made for you. While we consider our Felt Corgi an intermediate craft, we wholeheartedly encourage beginners to take up the challenge. We'll be your constant companions, guiding you through every stitch. And if you ever feel lost, our handy embroidery guide is just a click away!

Crafting Tip: print out an extra copy of the template to help align your camel and white pieces before sewing them together.

Our handmade Felt Corgi is all gussied up in a whimsical floral-embroidered bandanna and more than ready for some walkies around the block. The classic Corgi coloring is fairly straightforward, but the bandanna is where you can let your creativity shine. Your pup not feeling the floral? No worries -- embroider a bone or two, or maybe a playful message to warn off any nosy cats.

Once you're all finished with your new stuffie friend, give your Felt Corgi a name (we highly recommend Jake), and place him in your collection with love. Additionally, you can always gift this sweet stuffie to any good pooch in need of a cuddly friend.

We'd love to see your Felt Corgi in action, so upload your pics to our crafter's community. Also, feel free to share on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. Looking for more stuffed pups? Check out our felt dog and felt French bulldog projects. Which breed should we make next?

Stitches used: blanket, whip, back, ladder, detached chain, and French knot.