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Pocket Pets

These mini pets are the newest addition to our felt animal friends. Similar to our mini felt bears, this dog, cat and rabbit are super adorable and simple to make. Our patterns below will show you how to make your very own felt pals. All you have to do is gather your tools and materials and follow along.

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  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Cut felt pieces according to pattern.
  3. Whip stitch on the muzzle for the dog and the spot for the bunny (see embroidery guide on pattern). Glue on the eyes and noses.
  4. Straight stitch on the nose for the bunny and all of the mouths just under the noses. Stitch on whiskers for the bunny and cat.
  5. Whip stitch along the bottom edges of the pocket to attach to the pink dress. Sew a couple of french knots for buttons on the blue dress, and multiple french knots to make polka dots for the yellow dress. You can add a dot of glue to attach the dress collars for now.
  6. Pin together the head pieces and the two dress pieces. Tuck the top of the pinned dress pieces into the pinned head. Whip stitch the bottom edge of the head onto the dress using 3 strands of matching floss, going through all four layers of felt (5, if the dress has a collar).
  7. Starting with the head, blanket stitch together using 3 strands of matching floss. Tuck the ears between the layers and stitch through (you can use a dot of glue to hold in place). Stuff the head with poly-fill before closing up.
  8. Blanket stitch the dress together using 3 strands of matching floss. Tuck the arms and legs between the dress layers like you did with the ears. 
  9. Stuff the body with a bit of poly-fill before stitching closed – this is where a chopstick can come in handy to get all the corners stuffed. Repeat and sew together all of the animals in the same way, using matching embroidery floss.
  10. Sew french knots onto the middle of the circle flowers, attaching the leaves behind.
  11. Glue the inner ears onto the bunny and cat. Glue the flowers on their heads. For the dog – fold the ears and add a dot of glue to keep them bent.
  12. Glue the base of the tails to the backsides of the animals.

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