A Delicious Round Up

To start off with I had  to include my double chocolate cookies. Oh my dear chocolate. . . how do I love thee.  Since I am a big chocolate fan I have to also include this delicious chocolate cookie recipe and chocolate brownies.  Another of my favorite gluten free Valentines gifts are these amazing melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies. Since I am already dreaming about summer I had to include this Strawberry shortcake recipe, this one will be for all my friends on the East Coast of the US who are digging out of another snowstorm. Another winner for Valentine’s Day are these Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, after all red is the color of love. For a Valentine’s Day breakfast I will be making these gluten free crepes and gluten free waffles, there is no such thing as too much is there?! These recipes all taste best when using the gluten-free flour mix from The Americas Test Kitchen cookbook. If you don’t have that book yet, it would be a great gift for yourself. I make the flour mix in large batches and store it in a large sealed container so it is ready when I am craving s batch of yummy waffles or cookies.

Our friends and family give a lot to us everyday and I think a handmade gift, however small, is just the most perfect way to say thank you and share a little love.  I hope you have fun both making these and enjoying a few for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day! ~Lia