Herb_Infused_Fruit_PopsiclesHow’s the weather? Here is Portland it has been so WARM! We have been slowly melting in the studio this week. With temperatures up in the 90s, we thought it about time to developed a refreshing summer popsicle recipe for a cool treat here in the studio. Being the adventurers that we are, we love these herb-infused berry popsicles. The sweetness of the strawberry mixed with the peppery taste of basil and the tart of lemon is divine. The second, our blackberry, lime and sage popsicles, are so aromatic, they’re like a taste of fresh air. We used fresh local berries along with sage and basil from my exploding herb garden and ripe juicy lemons and limes to make these popsicles. The base starts with an agave simple syrup that is infused with each herb. Once the flavors have joined, simply mix in either the lemon or lime juice for the popsicle base. The berries and chopped herbs were arranged into the popsicle molds, then the flavorful juice poured into each form. Make up a batch and keep them in the freezer for hot hot days or pile them high on a bed of ice to serve at a summer birthday party, BBQ or lunch. If you are looking for more summer dining inspiration take a look at last weeks mini blueberry cheesecake recipe, our Swanky S’mores party post or our delicious summer champagne cocktail post – all so tasty! Enjoy! ~ Lia

P.S. Many of you are asking for the mold source. I bought these at World Market, though I am guessing they will be gone soon so I also found another source for you on Amazon.